Ankit Love, 23. Rapper, Empror of Kashmir, Prime Minister of India Candidate, Leader of the J&K National Panthers Party & Afghan Royal.

Daily News And Analysis (most popular English newspaper for youth in India published from Mumbai):


*MTV Israel: "Beethoven Burst", Music video


*BRIC+ Magazine: "Why Men Love Brazilian Women" Ankit Love, Editor-at-Large

South Africa

*The Mercury: "Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir"


*Outlook India (425,000 weekly circulation) "Prime Minister Modi To Face Love Challenge In 2019 Lok Sabha Elections"

*Hindustan Times (1,071,466 daily circulation): "Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir"

*Dainik Jagran (most read paper in India. 3,632,383 daily circulation): "लंदन का मेयर बनने की दौड़ में डोगरा महाराज" (Dogra Maharaja in the race to become mayor of London)

*Rajasthan Patrika: (most read paper in Rajasthan. 1,813,756 Daily circulation): "Udhampur Royal Family"

*UNI Urdu: لندن میں میئر کے عہدہ کے امیدوار انکت ل "Ankit candidate for Mayor of London"

*Catch News: "Emperor of Kashmir"

*Daily News & Analysis (400,000 daily circulation in Bombay): "Prince of Peace"

*Indian Express (309,252 daily circulation) "Maharaja with message of peace":

*Huffington Post India "Meet Ankit Love, Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir":


*Hindustan Times: Kashmiri Dogra for Mayor of London:

*Daily News & Analysis Magazine: "Top of the MTV Hive (USA) 100 Chart"

*Daily News & Analysis "British Kashmiri MTV Musician":

*Business Insider India: "Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir"

*Economic Times:


*India Today:

*5 Dariya News:

*Narda News "J&K Emperor":

*The Hindu Business Line:

*Asianet News Network:

*Motivate Me India

*The News Now: "Amazing! Bhim Singh's Love in London Mayoral polls"

*The News Now: "Ankit Love is the New Leader of the Panthers Party of India"

*Daily Hunt:

*Darpan Magazine:

*Cross Town News:

*Cross Town News: Legalize LSD, & All Drugs to end funding for terrorists.

*Top Yaps: "No denying Love is a Dogra royal."

Sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir

*Kashmir Life Magazine: "All of a Sudden Kashmir, Has a King, Living in Exile"

(full article:

*JammuKashmir Newspoint (front page print) May 2016: "Meet Ankit Love, Maharaja of J&K"


*JK Media: "Ankit Love, 33 is the New Leader of the Panthers Party of India"

*State Times (front page print):

*Jammu Links:

*Kashmir Monitor: Match to India Announced in Monaco

*Nawai Duggar: Prime Minister Modi To Face Love Challenge In 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

*Kashmir Ink: "Emperor of Kashmir in London"

*Jammu Links News:

*Greater Jammu:

*Scoop News:

*Scoop News: "Maharaja of Kashmir Illegally Detained By UK Police"

*Jammu Kashmir Uzma (Urdu):

*Kashmir News: US-Kashmiri Rapper Ankit Love Fights #terrorism in #Tooting MP by-#election #Jammu #Kashmir

*Patrick French, British historian: Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir, is also the Emir of Hunza, Chakravartin of India, Shahanshah of Pakistan etc

*Patrick French, British historian: "Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir"

*Patrick French: Deed Poll:

*ex-chief minister, Omar Abdullah, Dec 2, 2016: "Maharaja Jammu and Kashmir (Love)"

*ex-chief minister Farooq Abdullah, in Outlook Magazine, Dec 5, 2016

*JK Khabar "World's peace crusader Prof.Bhim Singh appeals London voters to pick Ankit Love as Mayor for peaceful Union of SE Asian States"


*Pakistan Christian Post "London Mayor":

*Baseerat "Ankit in London":

*Pakistan Christian Post "Kashmir and India":

*Pakistan Christian Post "Hackney":





*Voice of America TV China:

UAE (Dubai)

*Gulf News (most read newspaper in UAE): "Kashmiri Maharaja"

*Gulf News:

United States of America

*IMDB: "Ankit Love"

*Voice of America (VoA) TV China (VoA TV is funded by the United States federal government): "People Are My Favorite Thing"

*FMQB US Radio Chart Top 100 Hit "People are My Favortie Thing"

*MTV USA: "Beethoven Burst", Music Video

*MTV HIVE Top 100 Chart: No.1 Hit with "Beethoven Burst"

*FMQB US Radio Charts No.28 Hit "Beethoven Burst"

*eWorld Music Awards 2012, Hollywood - Best pop act nominee

*All Indie Music Awards 2011 Hollywood - Best alternative artist nominee

*Ankit Love has been broadcast, on over 130 college radio stations across the USA.

*VH1 USA: "Fresh New Music Playlist: Janauary 2012"

*Hip Video New Jersey: "A bright young alternative pop star"

*Nick Cannon, rapper and Chairman of TeenNick TV: "Introducing extraordinary artist Ankit Love... poised to take over the world with his cosmic message of universal. Talk about music of the future, man!"

*9:30 Nightclub Washington DC, Beethoven Burst video spun by DJ Dave Rubin

*Evision / Billboard (video) DJ. Studio City, Southern California. Content supplied to nightclubs including: Encounters, Pasadena, and House of Blues on Sunset. Content supplied to Princess Cruises as well as Wet Seal and Arden B retail outlets.

*Pulse TV Network Las Vegas, NV (3 million viewers)

*Power Play Music TV Newark, NJ (17.8 million viewers across 40 states)

*Rising Magazine: p.30

*Roxwel (Blastro Networks Austin, Texas):

*H2o Television New York, NY (1.6 million viewers)

*The Indie Music Video Show TV Illinois (11 million viewers)

*Eye Music Network TV Atlanta, Georgia (5 million households)

*Music Mix USA TV Naples, FL (5 million viewers)

*The Sound Chamber Denver, CO (800,000 viewers)

*Underground Music Videos TV Kansas & Arizona

*Street Timez Tacoma, WA

*TheCoolTV Lawrence, KS (12 million households)

*RNR TV Baltimore (1 million viewers)

*Video Hits TV Channel 98 Rochester NY (1 million viewers)

*Style City Presents TV Florida, Season 30, Episode 10: (1.2 million viewers)

*Style City Presents TV Florida, Season 30, Episode 14:

*Style City Presents TV Florida, Season 7, Episode 10:

*Davis Enterprise California "Ankit Love in Davis film festival official selection"

*Honolulu Film Awards "Silver Lei Winner"

*Rincón International Film Festival, Puerto Rico (Official Selection)

*Indie Fest USA Film Festival, California (Official Selection)

*Hip Video New Jersey: "two films at Cannes"

*Elena Eustache, actress: "Cannes Film Festival"

*Hip Video New Jersey: "Ankit Love receives critical acclaim"

*David Wiegel, of Washington Post. Love as President.

*CNN: "War-torn nation of Jammu-Kashmir has new Libertine Holy Emperor"

*AOL UK (America On Line, video plays only in US region): "Ankit Love - The Emperor in London"

*AOL (Plays in European region):

*World Net Daily: US-Kashmiri Rapper Ankit Love for World Peace



*VICE Canada:

*Digital Journal, US Kashmiri Rapper Ankit Love for World Peace:

*Shot by Shot remake of People Are My Favorite Thing, by an Ankit Love fan in Vancouver, Canada

*Sydney, Alka and Alexis singing Ankit Love's People are My Favorite Thing


*Mexico International Film Festival "Bronze Palm Winner"


*Whisperin & Hollerin: Music Review


*Orange TV: Beethoven Burst music video"ankit%20love"&module=chaine&bhv=tv&ap=-1

*Orange TV: Spill the Milky Way music video

*Cannes Film Festival:

*Cannes Market News (back page): official daily publication of the Cannes Film Festival:


*EU News: "Sotto il profilo dell’utopia troviamo Ankit Love"

*Il Foglio:


One TV Channel (Syndicated from Newsivity/TIG Media):

VICE Australia:

*Punjab Times - Australia ‘Maharaja’ with message of peace

Great Britain

*Spirit & Destiny Magazine

*City A.M.: Exiled emperor from India attempts coup d'etat in UK to end air pollution genocide

*Londonist: Exiled emperor attempts coup for clean air

*The London Economist: "Homeless MP Candidate"

*ITV News: "Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir"

*London Live TV News: "2016 Mayor of London candidate"

*London Live TV News: "2019 Prime Minister of India candidate"


*Dazed & Confused Magazine: Ankit Love, "MTV sensation"

*Thomas Gorton, Editor of Dazed Digital: "forget Goldsmith & Khan, vote Ankit Love pls"

*Evening Standard: "Mayor of London candidate"

*Huck Magazine: "Revolutionary Royal, Maharaja Ankit Love"

*The Guardian: "rap by a sun god"

*Dr. Edward Anderson, research fellow and lecturer at Trinity college, Cambridge University "the real story has to be Ankit Love (aka Maharaja Jammu & Kashmir)":

*Wild Culture "Making Science Sexy":

*Rare Curation: "Chief Editor Ankit Love on Science & Tech Mag"  

*Fame Magazine "Survived 160 mph car crash in Dodge Viper on the 405, LA"

*Female First Magazine - Sent From Above

*Newsweek Europe: Ankit Love is sovereign head of state

*Newsivity: "The Emperor in London"

*SW Londoner TV: "Musican and Maharaja"

*SW Londoner News:

*Whisky Mist club: Mist magazine launch 

*Salford City Radio: Ankit Love speaks about MIST magazine (starts at 36 mins in the show)

*Salford City Radio: Ankit Love speaks about his Romeo and Juliet film project at the Cannes Film Festival.

*National Student: "Free University"

*National Student: "rap video"

*Perspectives Radio: "Ankit Love for Mayor of London"

*Global Radio Yorkshire: "War on Air Pollution"

*Indie Music Mag:

*Get West London: "We are revolutionaries not politicians"

*Get West London "US Pop hit":

*Get West London "11 things Love Will Revolutionize"

*Southwark News:

*The Metropolist: "More hydrogen power stations"

*Wandsworth Guardian: Ankit Love faces jail in India for making rap video

*The Guardian: "Ankit Love takes selfie"

*The Guardian (In video Ankit Love wears sunglasses live on national TV, in protest to the ignored and invisible Air Pollution Pandemic):

*The Guardian: (In video Ankit Love defends independent green candidate Zac Goldsmith.)

*Hackney Gazette "London Mayor":

*Hackney Gazette: Ankit Love nominates French Artist, Dawa Ma for Mayor

*Hackney Citizen:

*Hackney Citizen: "Love candidate"

*Hackney Citizen: "air pollution victims monument"

*Layla Gandolfo, author & lecturer at Aberdeen University:

*Time Out London: "#GreatestCityInTheUniverse"

*Stuart Manson, Aberdeen Student Radio: 

*Alt-Mu Magazine:

*Press News:

*Chrissy B Show, My Channel TV:

*Herald Scotland: 

*Huffington Post:

*CheerUp Magazine:

*Socanews "Notting Hill Carnival"

*Rivier Thames News:

*Al Mazan Charitable Trust:

*The Sun:

*The Mirror:

*Faisal Islam, Sky News political editor: Ankit Love defends independent green candidate Zac Goldsmith.

*Faisal Islam, Ankit Love is the World's "favorite new political operative"

*Dominic Herbert, News Editor of Sunday Mirror:


*BBC One:

*UK Malaylee:

*London Multi Media News

*Evening Standard: "luxurious commune"

*Evening Standard: "Love wears sunglasses live on national TV in protest to raise awareness of the ignored air pollution pandemic.


*Privātā Dzīve p.15:

*Neatkarīgā Rīta Avīze: