World Famous Fairytale Lisbon Palace. 

€57 Million


Ankit Love Productions is designing a cinematic and truly enchanting boutique palace experience for one lucky new owner, of the world famous Relogio Palace in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Palace will be delivered in brand new condition, as an ultra luxury bijoux masterpiece. The perfect size and fit for the most discerning of buyers, that desire the most exceptional and individual fine real estate experience imaginable on the planet today.

The palace was the destination chosen by King Carlos I of Portugal for his honeymoon and was recently reported globally in the news, as once the abode of choice by pop star Madonna.

You will not just be buying real estate, but a once in a life time passion infused latin vida locca fine art spectacular, by Ankit Love Productions, that in itself will be like living a filmic existence tailored to your palatial needs, in ravishing cutting edge designer detail, more than you could have ever imagined possible.

A truly life changing cataclysmic experience awaits those who can understand what the incomparable enriching potential of 21st century Palatial living could really entail.

Only the bold and beautiful need apply.

Please contact us with your instagram account included, if you wish to be selected for the consultation, viewing and casting process with Ankit Love.

All buyers of the Ankit Love Productions Relogio palace experience will have to pass a cardiology test, prior to exchange of contracts.

Alternatively the Quinta Do Relogio property is available for sale unfinished in partial shell condition, through the estate agents Engel Voelkers for 6,950,000 EUR, and can be finished by the buyer to their own standards.

But who would be so dull, and want to do that, and miss out on a once in a life time mind-blowing Ankit Love Productions Earth shattering coloramic extravaganza?

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