War For Afghanistan

In Development.

Starring, Written and Produced by Ankit Love. Budget: €400 million


This epic of love, war and abduction are shown as never before. Ankit Love's Ramayana is set in the ancient Vedic Kingdoms of Afghanistan. In this first Hollywood adaption of an ancient epic beyond compare that has influenced all popular religious beliefs including Buddhism, Sikhism, Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, Ankit Love takes Ramayana for the first time back to it's seat of origin: Afghanistan. This is the legendary story of the great war between the 7th Avatar, Rama and his monkey army against King Ravana who conquered all the gods and serpent races. This celestial history of magic and power will captivate your heart, soul and imagination like no other.

This adaptation of this spiritual odyssey is inspired by the book "Vedic People" by physicist Rajesh Kochhar who debunks the belief that the Ramayana took place in modern-day India: