Ankit Love at the Richmond Park By-Election 2016.  Photo courtesy of the Guardian .

Ankit Love at the Richmond Park By-Election 2016. Photo courtesy of the Guardian.

The One Love Party is a techno-progressive political party for peace, freedom and international co-operation on the exploration of space for the benefit of mankind. We advocate a federal World Union for world peace now, to end any potential of an apocalyptic nuclear war and to bring to a surcease, the preventable Air Pollution Pandemic, that kills 7 million people annually, more than malaria and HIV/AIDs combined.

EMERGENCY NOTE: All aspects of our general manifesto are currently suspended with our focus on an emergency situation of the highest category resultant from the global Air Pollution Genocide that is destroying the lives and health of hundreds of millions across the world. The first priority for all is a clean air revolution.



The One Love Party is a techno-progressive political party with the aim to unite humanity for world peace and explore the potential of every individual conscious being and their relation to the Universe, space and time. The One Love Party seeks to promote love, open-mindedness and understanding for all individuals and their potential regardless of any perceived race or divisions and sensitively facilitate the growth of society’s enlightenment. We believe that human consciousness is a force of nature and seek to guide it towards a positive and sensitive focus on the development of art, science and technology to aide in the fulfilment of human and natural potential for the pursuit of gregarious enjoyment universally.

The One Love Party believes in encouraging all individuals in society to be educated to at least a tertiary level in particular to develop epistemological, analytical, nutritional and empathetic understandings. We believe education to be an investment in human capital that instigates long term benefits and growth across all society both economically and culturally. The One Love Party thus also seeks to investigate new technological innovations that may improve the learning capacity at all levels and ages.

Acknowledging a common relation of all human beings and interdependence of national economies and natural resources we seek for a global union of humanity to foster and plan for the greatest possible sustainable and peaceful state of the Earth. We are not limited by national borders and are for the unrestricted movement of people, commodities, goods, services and ideas in respect for all humanity to pursue and achieve a dignified and liberal existence Universally. We further seek to explore our Solar system and beyond to find resources and potential stations to ensure the continued evolution of the human condition. Thus we seek to colonise and mine Venus, Mars, the Moon, our asteroids and far beyond.

One Love Party seeks to better understand climate changes and strategies for reacting to the potential impacts of both global warming or cooling. The One Love Party seeks the eventual unification of all sovereign national armed forces world-wide thus simultaneously facilitating unified nuclear disarmament of nation states. This underpinning union of defence will facilitate for a United States of the World focused on the protection of the pursuit of liberty and enlightenment against both terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats, such as the 1908 Tunguska asteroid impact in Siberia that wiped out 80 million trees over 2,000 square miles.

We believe in providing healthcare and housing to all without stigma so that the entire populace may feel more secure. Hence we believe in inspiration and guidance above deprivation and desperation as being one of the strongest progenitors for individual and societal growth and success. We do not see this as welfare but instead as investment in human capital, that allows for all strata of society to reach new hight in merit of long term capitalist cycles and the post-capitalist cyber driven economies of ever greater monetary fluidity. The One Love Party strives to create conditions where all individuals may have opportunity to engage in benevolent competition and collaboration to excel to their maximum possible potential in particular by courting new technologies in financial actives and engineering. 

One Love is driven by a calling for kindness to all human beings and seeks to understand the perpetrators of crime and their motives to discover potential social or biological triggers for their behaviour and based on such findings provide humane rehabilitation and develop strategies to prevent future malicious acts.

We seek to identify and move away from irrational and redundant traditional beliefs, conditioning and legislations through an intellectual study of their initial adoption and their present limitations and potential dangers to the psychological and physiological state of society. In particular we seek to end the ignorant prohibition of consciousness altering mediums, to end the failed and violent conflict that has arisen from doing so. We seek to have these mediums applied for medicinal value and studied for a better understanding of heightened and altered states of human consciousness. By these means we will bring peace globally, ending the failed war on drugs and the tragic recruitment of child soldiers it has generated.

One Love believes in developing the state beyond short term economic and isolated legislative policies. We are for a forward thinking approach that is more sophisticated in considering the ramifications of the emotional and psychological impact of legislation, taxation and regulations that can inadvertently fragment and stress society. We seek to abolish the draconian vestige of personal income taxes for all, instead maintaining government revenues with a tiered indirect VAT tax. We also seek to provide all our citizens with universal unconditional basic income to eradicate poverty. 

The One Love Party strongly advocates the testing, investigation and the adoption of technological advancements including robotics, renewable energies and A.I. to mitigate the scarcity of resources and to provide infrastructure efficiently for the betterment of lifestyle, increased leisure time and access to information for all.