The National Student. "Free university and legal drugs: meet Ankit Love, the London mayoral candidate you've never heard of" by Lucy Miller.

"The youngest candidate for London mayor wants to legalise cannabis and use the profits to fight violent crime.

An intriguing proposition this might be, but it’s not even the most interesting part of Ankit Love’s mayoral campaign.

The self-styled “exiled King of Kashmir” – his family fled the Middle East in the late 80s and Love spent his formative years in a boarding school in leafy Surrey – also believes in cleaning up London’s filthy air and offering free tuition fees for London students, paid for in part by the scrapping of the Garden Bridge.

He also plans to solve London’s housing crisis via the creation of “flat-pack skyscrapers”, which can be built on TfL-owned land in less than three weeks.

They’re ambitious plans, especially for a political movement that isn’t even a year old. So where has Ankit Love – and his eponymous One Love Party – appeared from?"