Ankit Love Is Founding Acting-President of the Union of the World

ANKIT LOVE in Milan, Italy wearing the LOVE Cap by ANKIT LOVE. Photo credit: ANKIT LOVE (The Love Cap by ANKIT LOVE is the world’s most prized metamodernist conceptual art sculptural piece on sale for €1,000,000 (ONE MILLION EUROS) exclusively through the ANKIT LOVE International Gallery of Fine & Priceless Art (

By Ankit Love

MILAN, EU - On August the 15th 2018, coinciding with the Italian national holiday Ferragosto, created by the Roman Emperor Augustus. His Highness the absolute ruler Maharajah (Emperor) of Jammu and Kashmir, ANKIT LOVE in a groundbreaking and unprecedented gesture in human history voluntarily signed the Instrument of Accession, to acceded to the Federal Union of the World.

In doing so His Highness ANKIT LOVE became the very first sovereign head of state to do so.

Following which ANKIT LOVE was unanimously and unopposed selected for his visionary courage as the inaugural Acting-President of the Union of the World.

ANKIT LOVE as the Acting-President of the World gave oath in a capacity public ceremony at the Duomo Central Square in Milan, EU to fight for environmental security by ending the Global Air Pollution Genocide, which kills more pets and people than any other issue including malaria, HIV/AIDs, and terrorism combined. His Highness ANKIT LOVE also pledged to end the corrupt and criminal War on Drugs swiftly.

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