Why Did The British Broadcasting Corporation Censor Ankit Love

After the Richmond Park by-election, the BBC published this image of Ankit Love, as saved by this web archive service.


Later they censored the image, as reflected in this version of the article.


The Huffington Post retained the image, which was noted by Dr. Edward Anderson professor of politics at Cambridge University, as the most important moment of the night.


While the Guardian carried this photo of Ankit Love.

Previously a crooked BBC journalist, had also manipulated Ankit Love message, and not played his call for the British Army to oust the failed government, which is in cold blooded violation of the unanimous April 2015 order by Supreme Court judges calling on the government 

 Ankit Love in the  Guardian photo report  at the Richmond Park By-Election.

Ankit Love in the Guardian photo report at the Richmond Park By-Election.

He recorded the call for the British army to oust the failed prime minister, multiple times in regards to the air pollution pandemic, that is killing more people in Britain than WWII. Yet the BBC, played a one take recording, after the assigned journalist argued with Ankit Love, that he should not speak against the prime minister. When state funded journalists, start arguing with politicians to protect the government that is responsible for a mad, mass and preventable murder of it's own population, democracy in no longer operational.

The BBC funded by public money, has primarily purpose to raise citizen's awareness of emergency issues. It is instead now responsible directly, by it's corrupt habits, for the continuing mass murder of the British population, being slaughtered en mass by the invisible holocaust, of the air pollution pandemic. The state has completely and utterly failed, and failed to even realise such. They have no democratic mandate left to govern. Continuing with such gross and undemocratic manipulation of the media, for their own evil self interest, must be put to an end immediately to focus Britain on the m mass killer Air Pollution Pandemic.

What follows is the watered down version of Ankit Love's message. The BBC must let the people hear the many other takes passionate takes of Ankit Love's call to the British army, to save more lives in British than ever before, which is in fact what the army's first duty. Defence of the realm.

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