Air Pollution Emergency: Pregnant Women Give Birth to Under Weight Babies

BEIJING, CHINA >> A study of pregnant women before, during and after the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, found that babies born to mothers in their last month of pregnancy, during the strict air pollution controls enforced in the city, around the Olympic Games were 23 grams heavier.

Another study conducted in 2016, discovered suggestive evidence linking air pollution to stillbirths.

Even if all adults could be considered to be de facto voluntarily jepordizing their health from the release of toxic air pollution particles, the health of children with or without non-implicit consent of their parents is absolutely barbaric, and viciously criminal by theory of law under every modern legal code regardless of nationality or economic theory alligence. It must be stoped immdeatly, and the parties most responsible for the canbalizing the health of our children must be tired for their crimes and pay compensation in apporpirate accordance.

Ankit LoveComment