Ex-Prime Minister of J&K, Abdullah, Tweets in Support Of Ankit Love

JAMMU AND KASHMIR >> Ankit Love, H.H. The Maharajah, the youngest man in British history to be nominated three times for parliament, was endorsed after the national telecast of the Richmond Park by-election by the ex-prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah. Former prime minister Omar, retweeted British historian Patrick French's quote that the "Maharajah of Jammu & Kashmir (Love) stood as a candidate! Strange times indeed."

The ex-prime minister Omar, singed off his tweet with a ":) [smily]", in regards to Ankit Love contest in the elections. Two days later Omar's father, also a former prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Farooq Abdullah, gave an interview to Outlook magazine, stating that the sovereign Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir, without doubt chose remain independent, and had not acceded sovereignty to any third party.

Ex-prime minister, Farooq's statement, on the maintenance of sovereignty of the Maharajah, had coincided with what would have been the 111th birthday of his, late father Sheikh Abdullah, the first muslim prime minister of the sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir. The late prime minister Sheikh, was appointed undemocratically under armed occupations of India by it's first prime minister Nehru, who too was appointed undemocratically by Gandhi

 Then prime minister Omar Abdullah with his armed guards in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

Then prime minister Omar Abdullah with his armed guards in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir.

In 1951, PM Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah in a messy and blotched effort, had failed in his undemocratic attempt to abolish the sovereign Hindu monarchy of Jammu and Kashmir. Both undemocratically appointed prime ministers broke further law and treaty when they failed to give the people a referendum of the issue, that they had promised by signed treaty under their Governor General, Lord Mountbatten The Earl of Burma. 

Instead of full-filling his democratic obligation to the people, prime minister Sheikh had undemocratically appointed 60 out of 75 members of the J&K Legislative Assembly, to pass an abolition act under socialist India's martial and United Nations disputed occupations.

When PM Sheikh, later changed course and espoused aspirations of independence, he was imprisoned in 1953, by coup from Dr. Karan Singh. Dr. Singh, who had once been the crown prince, had abdicated and gave up all his titles, to be instead undemocratically appointed President of Jammu and Kashmir, by supporting India's continuted undemocratic and illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir. It appeared that in Jammu and Kashmir, what mattered was not your title whether royal or political, nor your wealth, nor your religion whether Hindu or Muslim, but the size of the military support you could muster by any means necessary.

Recently, Forbes magazine labeled Jammu and Kashmir as the world's most militarized zone. While Bill Clinton, had named it the "world's most dangerous place," when he averted a near nuclear war between India and Pakistan there, on the 4th of July 1999.

PM Sheikh, then spent 11 years in prison, at one stage facing the potential of death penalty for his political beliefs on sovereignty, before being personally pardoned by PM Nehru, who was ethnically related to PM Sheikh's as a Kashmiri pandit, a Brahmin priestly cast of Hindus. PM Sheikh's ancestor Ragho Ram Kaul had converted to Islam in 1722 A.D.

President Dr. Karan, before he turned on PM Sheik, had previously conspired with PM Sheikh, and PM Nehru in their failed attempt to abolish the monarchy of the President Dr.'s father the Hari Singh, the first emperor of the sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir.

President Dr. Karan at the age of 21, had abdicated after forcing his father into exile, and assumed position as of the President of Jammu and Kashmir, under the tutelage and appointment of PM Nehru.

During his rule, which was in effect a virtual military dictatorship, he was loyal to India, and it's first dictator Nehru's colonialist encroaches on the sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir. Ex-President Dr. Karan, later revealed in an interview with Outlook magazine, the depths of his allegiance and stance against his father, stating,

"I followed Pandit Nehru and not my father. I followed him at the risk of angering my father, rightly or wrongly. I think rightly. I integrated myself into the [Indian] national consensus."
 Hari Singh, H.H. The Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir, and member of Churchill's British War Cabinet at 10 Downing Street, inspects civil defence workers in Bermondsey, London during World War II. 1944.

Hari Singh, H.H. The Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir, and member of Churchill's British War Cabinet at 10 Downing Street, inspects civil defence workers in Bermondsey, London during World War II. 1944.

Yet, the signing of the partial and non-sovereign Instrument of Accession in October, 26 or 27th, 1947 clearly established, that the ultimate legal sovereign of the realm was solely and only the Maharajah. A fact continuously reiterated by the highest judicial court in Jammu and Kashmir. The Jammu and Kashmir High Court gave the ruling that

"In August 1947 His Highness became an uncontrolled and absolute sovereign."

Again more recently in July 2015, the High Court of Jammu and Kashmir gave judgement that,

"the sovereignty of the State of J&K under the rule of Maharajah... ‘legally and constitutionally remained intact and untampered'."

Only the sovereign Maharajah's judgments can supersede these, and certainly no foreign courts neither Delhi nor Islamabad, have any such authority under international law, treaty, history and agreements in respect to the independence of the Empire of India. Regardless, of what is claimed and the public relations spin and campaign used by the corrupt political leaders of these states nowadays.

The sovereignty of Ankit Love, H.H. the Maharajah, further continues to be recognized, and is enshrined under United Kingdom's parliamentary law, under section 7 (b) of the Indian independence Act passed in July 18, 1947.

 The harsh realties and human toll of the armed conflict in Jammu and Kashmir.

The harsh realties and human toll of the armed conflict in Jammu and Kashmir.

Despite clear commonwealth law, the Republic of India continues to conduct mass criminal activities, in the sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir, which have included mass graves of innocent Jammu and Kashmiri nationals and the gang rape of Jammu and Kashmiri women by India's security forces. Pakistan has committed heinous human right abuses under their brutal military occupations of Jammu and Kashmir, that have funded and financed Islamic terrorist groups there. Elite army troops from American Delta Force and British S.A.S., were first sent to the remote mountain regions of  Jammu and Kashmir to hunt for Bin Laden, following the atrocities of Nine-Eleven in New York city.

However, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom continue to finance these murderous activities through both military and foreign aid paid to Pakistan, with tax-payer monies, as condemned by California congressman Dana Rohrabacher in Washington. Both Pakistan and India have received tens of billions of Euros of  aid form the United States of America and the United Kingdom. While in stark contrast the Ankit Love, H.H. the sovereign Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir, has received absolutely nothing. This despite Ankit Love's Jammu and Kashmir being the only nation to have supported the American and British causes in World War II, and previously in World War I, where the soldiers of the Maharajah fought for British interest in modern day Iraq and Israel. The Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir also provided soldiers to fight in neighbouring Afghanistan in 1919.

These mad illegal occupations of Jammu and Kashmir by India, Pakistan and China, and the financing of these nations by the western-bloc and it's tax-payer, have now left the world on the continuous brink of a potential nuclear war, that would destroy half the world's ozone layer, and kill over 2 billion people world-wide from the ensuing nuclear famine, due to the contamination of global food supplies.

Tragically, Salman Rushdie has labeled this ongoing potential of an nuclear apocalyptic war for the sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir, as "a conflict the world has chosen to ignore." 

Ankit Love, H.H. the Maharajah, will bring peace to his state, and secure the ozone layer and environment of the Earth.

His Highness, Ankit Love now politically leads the formation of a federal World Union, to end all possibility of nuclear war for Jammu and Kashmir. The sovereign Ankit Love, plans for his democratic world government to have a directly elected members, by elections held via encrypted mobile and web technologies, from each country in the world to represent it. Thereby nullifying the United Nations and it's security council, that has been unable to solve the Jammu and Kashmir armed conflict despite the case being one of the very first presented. 

Thus, Ankit Love's democratic organization, will replace the undemocratic United Nations, that has completely failed the terror stricken people of Jammu and Kashmir, despite the passing of several futile UN Security Council resolutions, since resolution 47 of 1948.

Previously in May 2016, Ankit Love H.H. the Maharajah, and ex-prime minister Omar Abdullah, appeared together on the front page, of the popular national broadsheet newspaper JammuKashmir Newspoint, when at the time Ankit Love, was the youngest candidate in British history, for Mayor of London.

In the London mayoral elections, Love received a total of 33,861 votes, combining first and second preference tally of London votes. This exceeded the total votes held by many major party members of parliament in the United Kingdom. Further, His Highness Love's vote tally exceeds the total adult populations of several sovereign states, including Liechtenstein, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican.

Ankit Love in the London elections had called for emergency action under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, to end the Air Pollution Genocide that will kill over 90 million people world-wide in the next ten years, a figure more than malaria, terrorism and HIV/AIDS combined, and will cost the global economy over €44 trillion in losses in the same time.

Donate to Ankit Love, H.H. The Maharajah, to save the Ozone layer and stop the globally apocalyptic nuclear war for Jammu and Kashmir, and stop the Air Pollution Genocide to save the human and animal lives than ever before in history:


 Ankit Love on the front page of the  JammuKashmir Newspoint  paper along with Omar Abdullah and Narendra Modi, as reported in  Newsweek Europe .

Ankit Love on the front page of the JammuKashmir Newspoint paper along with Omar Abdullah and Narendra Modi, as reported in Newsweek Europe.

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