Cambridge Professor Edward Anderson Says Real Story of Richmond has to be Ankit Love

Dr. Edward Anderson, is research fellow of Commonwealth studies and a professor of politics at Cambridge University's Trinity College. Trinity College was founded by King Henry VIII in 1546, and it's students have won 32 Nobel prizes and include six British prime ministers, Lord Byron, Sir Issac Newton, Niels Bohr, Prince Charles and Bertrand Russell.

Dr. Anderson tweeted that "the real story of #RichmondPark has to be Ankit Love," as he battled against the Air Pollution Pandemic, which now kills over 50,000 people in Britain each year, exceeding British civilian causalities from World War II, and over 7 million people globally, more than malaria and HIV/AIDS combined.

Ankit Love is the only man alive to save millions of people immediately in the world.

Ankit Love from the state of Jammu and Kashmir, is the legacy of Britain, India and Pakistan's failed partition of Asia. It is also now an impending trigger, of a potentially apocalyptic nuclear war. This potential nuclear war for Jammu and Kashmir, can destroy the world's ozone layer, and kill over 2 billion people from the resulting nuclear famine and thus mark the end of our human civilization in weeks according to the Nobel peace prize winning IPPNW.

Ankit Love in the Daily News and Analysis with his dream to reunite India and Pakistan.  

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