Air Pollution Genocide: Britain Losing €50 Billion Each Year

LONDON, EU >> The World Health Organization has warned United Kingdom, that the air pollution pandemic costs its economy over €50 billion annually, more than any other single issue. The ignored Air Pollution Genocide, by the United Kingdom's government is now the biggest scandal in the history of the nation.

Yet the KIngdom's government, has madly ignored all evidence. The Kingdom and it's heads have completely and atrociously failed now to protect the economy and the lives of their subjects.

According to the latest MP report 50,000 people are killed each year in the United Kingdom from the ongoing and murderously rampant Air Pollution Genocide, the has eclipsed the number of individuals murdered on British soil during World War II. This cataclysmic disaster by Her Majesty's government and opposition spirals further out of control, despite a clear mandate and order from the British Supreme Court, in April 2015, that unanimously ruled and demanded that the "government, whatever its political complexion, should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action."

 World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

World Health Organization Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

Something is terribly wrong and rotten in the state of the United Kingdom. Even Her Majesty and all her heirs continue to choose the murderous fossil fuel combustion vehicles, despite have more than adequate wealth to afford the life saving hydrogen fuel alternatives. Such maldecision, on part of the leaders of the United Kingdom, comprising the health of their own children is proof that they are no longer capable to govern the nation. The sovereignty of the United Kingdom has been compromised to the scheming and fraudulent advertising malevolent foreign barons of media empires and fossil fuel mining and automotive companies. All the ministers, lords, and royals have lost all merit. 

The state has failed to carry out its most basic duty to its subjects, and communicate the message of a clear emergency situation, as required by law under Section 1, of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. The police and its chiefs despite being notified of the issue by Ankit Love, H.H. The Maharajah, has refused to make any arrests. The armed forces of the United Kingdom, have also been warned and directed by Ankit Love, H.H. The Maharajah, yet too have failed to perform their paid and primarily duty, defend the lives of the Kingdom's subjects.

The United Kingdom, as reached its most perilous edge in its history. With more subjects being murdered from the the Air Pollution Genocide, than even the 17th Century Civil War which resulted in a change in regime where Mr. Cromwell, from Sidney Sussex College, deposed of the King, and founded a British Republic.

Most tragically, 50,000 subjects are murdered in Britain each year. All of these lives and the trauma faced by their loved ones, could have been saved, if the Kingdom had supported the readily available alternatives of clean energies of hydrogen fuel and solar power. All this would also save the over €1 trillion deficit that will be created over the next twenty years in the Air Pollution Emergency. All these savings could easily be applied to provided improved health services, and end homelessness in the United Kingdom.

Today ample technological alternatives exist in-order to put an end to all the deadly fossil fuel emissions. However, the biggest challenge for new clean energy technologies is in raising awareness. This problem is a direct result of the government's murderous failure to regulate a fossil fuel product dominated commercial mass media and its advertising spaces.

How can the clean energy products that would save more lives in the United Kingdom than ever before, compete in this medieval marketing environment? Why have not the ministers and lords banned the advertising of automobile companies, as they had done of tobacco products since the 1960s? This despite the fumes from automobiles impact the health of children and animals more that tobacco products ever did. The most scandalous reason is that ministers and even lords are dependent on these commercial media companies to maintain their lifestyles and income. Their cowardice and ignorance both, prove that the sovereignty of the United Kingdom is controlled by few media overlords, that in the pursuit of money and vanity have jeopardized the health of all our subjects, and swans.

This is a most precarious position for the United Kingdom's democracy, and completely torn the truce found by the Magna Carta. Perhaps, the one defence politicians can apply, is that they are not of sound mind, otherwise they are under now in criminal and flagrant disregard of national Supreme Court orders in regards to the air pollution pandemic, that has lead to more fatalities than civilians deaths from World War II.

Not only would emergency action to convert the nation to clean energy cut £54 billion in costs annually in Britain, it would also serve to end dependence on energy and oil imports.

Currently Britain imports 54% of it's energy needs, and spends over £40 billion annually on oil imports, risking the lives of it's armed forces personnel to secure energy needs while in proxy funding fundamentalist terrorist groups.

This absolute state of madness by parliament is further exemplified by it pledging £2.5 billion of taxpayer money to fight malaria abroad in 2016. There were only 6 cases of malaria deaths in Britain in 2015. By contrast £2.5 billion invested in GB, would have replaced all public buses electric and hydrogen, to zero emissions saving thousands of lives in GB, annually and set an example to the rest the world, where over 7 million people are killed each year from the air pollution pandemic, costing the global economy £4 trillion annually. This figure is far in excess of deaths from malaria, TB, and HIV/AIDS combined. In 2015 there were 429,000 deaths from malaria and 1.1 million from AIDS.

Why then despite all this, does the mass killer Air Pollution Pandemic that is desecrating the economy remain so ignored?

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