Air Pollution Genocide: Campaigners Blockade Killer Aberthaw Coal Power Station

WALES, EU >> People in Britain have started to awaken to the mass criminal failure of their government. The government has now proven absurdly and murderously inept in it's duty to save the 50,000 people dying annually from the air pollution genocide in Great Britain each year. The government's criminal failure in wasting tax-payer resources and precious parliamentary debate time instead on non-priority and criminally conducted referendums, has further skewed the perspective of the international community that take note of British political and media conduct. This cataclysmic failure by the Queen, entire royal family and both the opposition and government now has spiraled to the cold blooded genocide of 9 million killed world wide each year, with a colossal loss of €4.4 trillion to global economy, enough to end child hunger worldwide.

In reaction to the Air Pollution Genocide and Emergency, forthright clean air campaign group Reclaim the Power had blockaded Aberthaw coal power station near Barry, South Wales.

 Aberthaw Coal Power Station, Wales.

Aberthaw Coal Power Station, Wales.

Aberthaw is one of the dirtiest, and most lethal power stations in the  European Union. It murders over 400 people in the surrounding area, with it's vile veil of smog reaching the populations of Bristol and Cardiff.

The government instead of leading proactive action, as lawfully required by the April 2015 Supreme Court order, the most important judicial decision in the history of Britain. Where judges unanimously ruled, that there must be "no doubt," for the need for lifesaving and crucial "immediate action."Instead the government and its opposition have all criminally wasted taxpayer money and instead have perpetuated the Air Pollution Genocide. The government with absolute silence from the opposition have now criminally used tax-payer money in contravention to Supreme Court orders to finance their unfounded case in the European Court of Justice, and hence delayed life saving action.

As was completely predictable from the onset, the monstrous government lost its case to continue murdering it's own children by air pollution. The European Court of Justice, upheld all previous rulings and ruled that Aberthaw Coal Station, was in gross, scandalous and deadly breach of European air quality laws.

However, these court rulings, are only the beginnings. As European air quality laws, themselves are pitiable and completely contradictory to the fundamental protections of the very first human right of life, the given right to breathe clean air.

Under all theory of justice, only zero fossil fuel emissions can be lawfully acceptable now. How is there any philosophical defence of the known murder of ones own citizens, when solutions already exist for lower costs? 

600,000 people continue to die each year from the Air Pollution Genocide across all Europe. All impediments to the defense of the lives of these citizens, such as taxpayer money spent in contrary to Supreme Court orders, are now in violation of national security. The issue now has lead to a clear and immediate present state of emergency. It is not a question of what policy, as policy already exists, most specifically the Civil Contingencies Act of 2004. It now a matter of enforcement, first against the political and media leaders most responsible for the air pollution genocide.

Such lawfully overdue action, at a time of national emergency, in-light go ruling by the British Supreme Court, maybe conducted from several possible avenues including arrests by police, sectioning by medical doctors, the deployment of defense forces, and proactive citizen initiatives.

Ankit LoveComment