Eco-Warriors Ankit Love and Zac Goldsmith Fight Media Corruption

In a tragic result at the Richmond Park by-election both eco-warriors were robbed in an election rigged by the oligopolistic party political status-quo. The world's foremost emergency policy maker on tackling the air pollution pandemic, Ankit Love, and Europe's leading environmental activist Zac Goldsmith the two most deserving candidates had the election rigged against them.

Ankit Love defends his friend and fellow environmentalist Zac Goldsmith on national TV.

This was a huge set back, and a sad day for the world as the unifying and independent environmental agenda was forgotten, and down played instead on divisive political alliances. Even the Green party has lost priority on environmental issues, at this time of emergency. As the Green Party choose not contest the seat, despite the Richmond Park by-election, being triggered by the resignation of Zac Goldsmith, MP on environmental concerns against the expansion of Heathrow.

Previously, Ankit Love had debated against the Green Party's Larry Sanders, (brother of US senator Bernie Sanders), in the Witney By-election that triggered following prime minister David Cameron resignation. Larry Sanders, in the debate with Ankit Love, erroneously believed that climate change was killing more people than the Air Pollution Pandemic. Mr. Sanders was more interested in promoting tariffs and socialist ideologies of "re-distributing" wealth, than actually seeking to understand climate science and technology. Mr. Sanders, was not even aware that alternatives already existed to replace all fossil fuel generated energy needs immediately. 

The air pollution pandemic kills over 7 million globally, where as climate change kills 400,000 people annually. Here, again in the Richmond Park by-election, the Green Party erroneously withdrew and supported the Lib Dems, instead of independent green candidate Zac Goldsmith.

While the Green Party in GB, falsely advertises it self, and saturates attention away from the real environmental politicians, 250,000 people will die in Britain by 2020 from the air pollution pandemic. While over 7 million are dying each year around the world. That's more people killed by the Air Pollution Pandemic than Malaria HIV/AIDS and terrorism combined. This is now, by far the biggest scandal of our times.

 Zac Goldsmith leaves Richmond Park election count with Ankit Love.

Zac Goldsmith leaves Richmond Park election count with Ankit Love.

Previously in 2009, independent Green politician, Zac Goldsmith had highlighted, that the greatest impediment to the environmental agenda is the media, in an interview with the Guardian.

Goldsmith said, "politicians are afraid of one thing and one thing only, and that is losing their job: they are afraid of being booted out in the subsequent election; that is the thing that motivates most politicians. As long as the media remains completely, cripplingly, violently hostile to green talk and green solutions, I do not think politicians will really have the courage to grapple with this issue."

The tragic loss of both these two eco-heroes in Richmond, is a loss for the world which continues to suffer, with over 7 million killed each year from the ignored air pollution pandemic and countless millions more condemned to severe cardiological and mental illness.

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