Air Pollution Genocide: Leading Cause of Pet Mortality

MEXICO CITY - It always bothers me how truly ignored the Air Pollution Pandemic is, even by political leaders. This May, when I was candidate for Mayor of London, at city hall, I ran into one of the Animal Welfare political party politicians. I asked them what they were doing in regards to protecting animals and pets from the Air Pollution Pandemic, the leading cause of pet mortality.

 A sick cat.

A sick cat.

The gentleman was absolutely clueless, that this was even an issue. This was news to this well meaning member of the Animal Welfare party. This despite the publication of a 2011 study, that compared brains of dogs living in heavily polluted parts of Mexico city to dogs in less polluted cities across Mexico. The study, found an "increased inflammation and pathology, including amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles, clumps of proteins that serve as a primary marker for Alzheimer's disease in humans." Strong evidence now also links the Air Pollution Pandemic, to tumors in pets, and the death of these little furry creatures, resulting from a plethora of maladies, including cardiac arrest.

However, the Animal Welfare party, that were fielding candidates for London assembly seats, were not at all aware of this. They were prioritising visually more obvious, yet far less pertinent matters of cruelty against animals.

I felt, it was a real tragedy that the gravest mass killer of animals and pets, was missed completely by even the most dedicated members of Animal Welfare party.

Unfortunately, the Animal Welfare party member, did not drop everything and start campaigning for my One Love Party at the time, that was clearly doing more for both humans and animals than any other organization in the world at the time.

If these people of the Animal Welfare party, could not get this even after a the Supreme Court judgement on air pollution, I wondered what hope was there for rest of the general population? 

We were all gassing our pets, each other and our children to death and mental disease, and nobody really seemed to have a clue. How could it have all gotten so out of hand?

Ankit LoveComment