HH Ankit Love is the official candidate of the One Love Party for Mayor of London.

Published in the London  Evening Standard .

Published in the London Evening Standard.

From right to left: Ankit Love (Leader of One Love Party), Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London), Lee Harris (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol party), Zac Goldsmith (ex-chief editor of the Ecologist magazine). Published in the  Herald Scotland .

From right to left: Ankit Love (Leader of One Love Party), Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London), Lee Harris (Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol party), Zac Goldsmith (ex-chief editor of the Ecologist magazine). Published in the Herald Scotland.


"The One Love party aims to convey a universal message of unity and peace for all of mankind. It wants to rid the world of the metaphorical barriers that suppress socio-economic and intellectual freedoms. Human rights; health and well-being; freedom of information: these are the values we hold sacrosanct."


I am Ankit Love, music artist and filmmaker. My movies have screened at the Cannes Film Festival, my music videos have been on MTV and I have worked on fashion labels in Knightsbridge. I walked away from a stable life in Belgravia. I did this to enter the world of politics in order to fight for causes I feel very strongly about. I want art, culture and science to flourish in a golden era of humanity based on providing education of the highest possible standard to all.

I want to rid the world of what I call the CAWMDs pandemic. The acronym stands for Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction and is how I refer to air pollution. In what is the greatest scandal of our times, this crisis is taking the lives of 600,000 people and costing the European economy £1 Trillion each year. Before the environmental concerns, I identify this as an issue of criminal justice. How can it be right or even legal to slowly poison anyone to death, whether it is for convenience or cheaper prices?

I have a script. It's simple, no industrial emissions what so ever as soon as possible. After the April 2015 Supreme Court Judgment against ministers ordering them to make fresh plans and take immediate action on CAWMDs, I am calling via the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 for the Bank of England (quantitative easing) and the British Army to defend the lives of our civilians who are dying at a faster rate than in World War II and the health of our children who are condemned to autism by simply living on polluted streets. We must adopt to clean energies now to defend our country and end this mass murder by bailing out our fatally failed energy and car companies so they can adopt clean sources of energy and propulsion immediately. We must make Britain energy Sovereign so we are not dependent on the mercy of ruthless ill-liberal dictators.

Let's be remembered as the ones who stood up against this, perhaps the greatest injustice against mankind in history. Clean air is the most scared and fundamental of human rights. This is a spiritual quest and we all need to stand up against the famine of clean air, plaguing our cities and its citizens. Working together we can make this a reality. Together we will change the course of history. This is ONE LOVE.

Ankit Love


War On Air Pollution: Chemical Air Wastes Of Mass Destruction (CAWMDs)

Being an invisible and silent mass killer, it is shockingly and unacceptably ignored. Yet, breathing clean air is mankind’s most fundamental and first right.

Over 600,000 people are killed by air pollution in Europe, costing over £1 Trillion to the economy each year, according to the World Health Organisation. In London alone nearly 10,000 people were killed by air pollution from Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and PM2.5s (microscopic dust particles) in 2010.

Each year, over 5.5 million people are murdered by CAWMDs worldwide.
The flagrant disregard of human lives by the current administration has led to Oxford Street having the worst NO2 levels in the world, in particular due to it’s high volume of diesel busses. This busy central location surpassed the yearly pollution limits set by the EU by January 4th.

40,000 die in Britain and 9,500 in London each year from the CAWMDs crisis. It costs our economy £54 billion annually.

Ankit Love will expedite the adoption of electric and hydrogen buses. He will also bring the testing of driverless electric cars to London, with the aim to have them used for public transport need as soon as possible.

While Ankit Love would like the national government to fulfil it's responsibility to defending the lives of it's people immediately, after winning the Mayor election Ankit Love will at the very least make central London a Zero Emissions Zone.

Ankit Love wants to improve public transport as another means of decreasing dependence of fossil fuel combustion vehicles. He wants to reduce the cost of public transport - it is his dream to provide free public transport one day, however he realises that his is rather utopian at present even considering London's £17 billion budget. He is though committed to investigating technological means to bring prices down and at the very least not rise above the rate of inflation.

In preparing for London’s forecasted population expansion, Ankit Love will seek to use new innovative means of transport in our great city. This potentially includes the overground string rail system, which costs considerably less than standard rail or underground construction. He also wishes to introduce a discount for London residents on travel cards.

Ankit Love also wishes to further investigate Norman Foster's proposal of a 220km "SkyCycle" bike superhighways in London suspended above train lines. A proposed trial bike superhighway was forecasted to cost £220 million from Stratford to Liverpool Street.

Ankit Love will also install solar powered heat lamps on bus stops that activate at nights, making the waiting experience on those cold winter night far more pleasant.

However, first and foremost Ankit Love is fighting to save the lives of Londoners and the health of our children from the CAWMDs pandemic at all costs! We must demand for clean air now, that is our first fundamental human right.


Designer Social Housing - One Million New Homes State Homes

25,000 people are homeless in London. The astronomically high property prices of London cost the capital £3 billion in lost consumer spending. Ankit Love has a revolutionary solution to the fundamental causes of high property prices in the Capital (such as scarcity of commutable land juxtaposed with costs and bureaucratic issues in vertical construction). While certain parts of the city such as Croydon and Newham have already been zoned for high rises by private enterprises, Ankit Love feels there is a positive potential for state involvement. This would alleviate the systematic pressure being put on the people of London both financially and emotionally, that creates risk for potential deficit in social harmony and thus is both a bottleneck and destabilizing factor for the overall economy.

Ankit Love seeks to develop property for the people, as the market has not factored the true costs to society associated with rapid property inflation in London far above the 2.5% target set by the Bank of England. According to the BoE house price inflation was 20% in London in 2014. These figures are gravely threatening to the financial, emotional and psychological stability of our city and state.

Ankit Love will deploy cutting-edge advances in modular skyscraper technology, also known as flat pack construction. This offers high quality contemporary accommodation that is more energy efficient. The technology also allows for a rapid pace of construction. Recently, a 57-story tower was erected in 19 days in Changsha, China by the construction firm Broad Sustainable Building. The building has 800 apartments and office spaces for 4000 people. Ankit Love aims to build on the 5,700 acres of land owned by the Greater London Authority (GLA) through Transport for London (TfL). This allows us to pick strategic sites near transportation links for construction of entirely new districts with in our city.

It is estimated that the cost of this type of construction is £1000 per square meter. Given this assumption, we can build skyscrapers of up to 900m in height within 100 days. For instance, a 25-story skyscraper of approximately 125m in height with 50,000 squared metres of floor space would cost £50 million and only take 15 days to complete.

If 10,000 square metres were to be reserved for social space or lost to halls and maintenance space, we would still have 40,000 sq. metres of liveable space. If we were to build studios ranging from 30 sq. meters to 2-bed of 75 sq. metres flats, we could easily have 1000 units. Even assuming a 100% margin for other potential costs, a 30 sq. metre studio could retail for £60,000 and a 75 sq. meter 2-bed flat for £150,000. Taking into account an 8% rental margin would mean a studio could rent for £92 per week and a 2 bed for £230 per week. 

Ankit Love would also take this opportunity to focus on social space in the skyscrapers, creating sky lounges and leisure spaces where more community interactions would occur. The apartments would not be available on sale to investors but only to those who wish to occupy them, with a priority system in place for those already resident in London.

One concept or style of building we would like to experiment with is where all lounge and kitchen space is communal and 15 sq. meter pods could be on offer for approximately £50/week. We would also offer a matching system in the buildings where residents could request to be moved into communities that may share their industry or cultural interests or something all together different for them to explore.

Based on the demand for our new concepts of social living, Ankit Love could build up to a million homes in a four-year Mayoral term. This would mean roughly 50 million square meters of construction. This venture could also potentially net the Greater London Authority (GLA) hundreds of millions in revenue from rents or sales and help to keep TfL costs down.
Ideally, if demand sustained, Ankit Love would keep building housing. An oversupply of designer social housing could mean eradicating homelessness in London and better preparation for international refugee crises.

Ankit Love plans to construct the first tower by scrapping the Southbank Garden Bridge project and allocating its £60 million public funds budget to cover the costs of the first building. We forecast demand to be strong at our target price point. This would mean the GLA could easily obtain financing to construct on a mass scale.


A London For The Youth

London urgently needs to open its doors to the youth. Ankit Love was shocked to find that none of the other Mayoral candidates are assessing this concern. The One Love Party deems education, including University, to be a human right and should as such be free. London Universities are rapidly shrinking in size compared to their campus town counterparts. Offering free higher-level education for Londoners would provide an enormous incentive for local students who want to remain in the capital. The One Love Party also wants to offer more and better work opportunities, such as free commercial spaces, for young entrepreneurs living in London and free art studios for artists.


Renewable Energy

Ankit Love will build more hydrogen fuel power stations to incentivise the use of this technology. He also plans to install solar panels to as many homes as possible that have appropriately angled roofs. This is part of his strategy to fight the evil CAWMDs pandemic. These would be both photovoltaic and solar thermal. 

London is the least proactive region in Great Britain in installing roof-based solar panels. Presently, there is no known specific reason as to why London trails behind the rest of the country in the adoption of solar technologies. An investigation by the Mayor’s office has indicated a “lack of political leadership” as one of the main causes of the issue. Ankit Love as Mayor of London will push for a better awareness of solar and reduce carbon in the atmosphere so as to ultimately move the country towards energy Sovereignty.

Greater London has an area of 1,569 sq km. If 10% of this area was suitable for photovoltaic panel installations, with roughly 150 squared kilometres we could provide 15,000 MW of solar electricity to millions of homes. This would help towards making London energy independent.

Ankit Love also advocates a combination of solar, wind, tidal and hydrogen power stations to make Britain energy independent.


End War On Drugs

The initial prohibition of Cannabis in the 1930s was itself questionable. No scientific evidence existed to support the sensationalist news stories that dictated prejudiced government action in banning this plant. The moral farce and racist prejudice of the time was not based on science or reason. History has proved the short-sightedness of such gross behaviour in governance. The act of prohibiting Cannabis (that is responsible for almost no fatalities), has become the chief culprit in fuelling wars, condemning populations to poverty and empowering violent criminals. It is time to correct the mistakes of our historical leaders; that have left so many dead by means of violent crime; that created a source of funding for terrorists groups; that condemns entire nations to suffering. Nothing can ever be perfect, but ill-placed morality based on a racist institutionalised prejudice is perhaps one of the greatest evils of our civilisation. We must beware of the media. We must question our actions and ask: when fixing a "problem", are we doing more harm or good?

Since 2007, 164,000 people have been killed by the war on drugs in Mexico. According to a study by the Lancet medical journal, of an estimated 3 million people who use Cannabis in the UK, one person dies each year. Ankit Love will legalise Cannabis in London. While the flawed and weak central government may not agree, with London being the largest democratic election in the country, it technically acts as a referendum of sorts. London can decide what is legal in its bounds - it leads progressive ideas throughout the country and around the world. No government can argue against that, especially considering the initial racist nature of the legislation that led to prohibition and vilification of Cannabis in the early 20th century.

Similar to the Republic of Uruguay's model, in Ankit Love's model the municipality will initially grow organic Cannabis and control distribution through it's own dispensaries. Legalising means we will ensure that children do not have access to the substance and that it will be a safely controlled product for consumers in regards to clearly labeled active indigents and their potency. Once the legislation is also changed at the national level we will privatise these dispensaries.

We also propose a licence system for the purchase of Cannabis from own licensed dispensers and growing at home. Consumers would be required to pass a test to better understand what it is they are consuming so they can make the most informed decision.

An estimated £900 million in revenue raised from the tax on Cannabis would be redirected into funding our large-scale projects. The yearly £400 million of public funds usually spent each year for policing in the prohibition era would be redirected into fighting violent crime and corruption.


Free Ultra Fast Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) 

As there is a correlation between high speed municipal Internet and economic growth, Ankit Love will continue to keep London ahead in the technological world. Ultra fast Li-Fi can transmit Internet on the light spectrum via LED light bulbs 100 times faster than WiFi. In lab tests Li-Fi achieved ultra high speeds, downloading 18 movies of 1.5GB each per second. Ankit Love will initially provide free Li-Fi in public libraries, the tube, London emergency services, hospitals and street lamps in Central London.


London Metropolitan Space Program

Ankit Love believes the Sentinel Space Mission to be one of the most important space projects of today. This noble mission championed by ex NASA scientists will send an infrared satellite on an orbit similar to Venus's around the Sun. The mission's objective is to detect 90% of asteroids greater than 140m. The last time an asteroid of this size struck the Earth was the 1908 Tunguska event in Siberia, Russia. The impact flattened an estimated 2,000 km2 (770 sq mi) of forest, destroying 80 million trees. An impact of this scale could annihilate the entire metropolitan area of Greater London.  With present technologies and mapping of near earth objects (NEOs), an apocalyptic asteroid that may be on collision course with a city could only be detected a few days in advance at the earliest. The Sentinel Mission Satellite will be able to map and trace 90% of these unknown deadly NEOs, and if any of these would be on a collision course with Earth we would have decades of advance warning to prepare.

Ankit Love is already a named sponsor for the mission. As the Mayor of London, he would like to acquire the entire mission. It is his vision for London to sponsor the entire £300 million required for the mission and to rebrand it as the LONDON SENTINEL SPACE MISSION, so the name of our city is engraved boldly on this Satellite watching out for the safety and security of all people everywhere. This would come at a cost of £27 million a year in London's annual £17 billion budget. The expense would serve not only as a means of detecting potentially apocalyptic asteroids but would be the greatest global advertisement and promotion for London as the leader in the tech. By associating the capital to such a noble and exciting project for all humanity, the city would benefit from the positive exposure, and be seen as truly the capital for innovation. As part of the deal, the entire headquarters and ground control of the Sentinel Mission’s highly skilled scientific team would re-locate to the East London Olympic Park technology and innovation centre. In a time where investment is growing in the private space sector, London, with its own space program, would stand out in attracting business across tech and science. 

Once only Superpowers had space programs, today private companies compete in the space industry. Together we can make London the first municipality to have its own space program dedicated to protecting life on Earth. Let us plan for our protection, without giving up on continued and innovative economic growth.


River Thames - 6 New Bridges For East London

We are investigating the architect Terry Farrell's proposal of building 6 new bridges across river thames in East London. This would add to the regeneration and economic growth of East London, potentially providing 47,000 homes and access to 10,000 jobs for people in the area. These bridges would lift a few times daily to allow river traffic to pass.

We will cancel the Silvertown tunnel project for it's toxic nature as our prime policy is to end the air pollution pandemic that now kills yearly over 40,000 people in the UK, 9,500 of which are Londoners and costs the economy £54 billion. In terms of general maritime affairs we are pushing for all bunker fuel burning vessels to be converted to a combination of Hydrogen fuel, solar and sky sail. Just 15 of the world's largest vessels produce the same amount of CAWMDs as 760 million cars. We have plans to encourage this change post-haste at the national level in light of the April 2015 Supreme Court Judgment that had ordered ministers to take "immediate action" on the issue. Our vision is that no fossil fuel emissions vessels will be allowed to operate in the Sovereign domain of the United Kingdom. This would include ships and planes. However, we would through central measures support all owners and operators of fossil emission vehicles to convert to clean fuels by strategic coordination of the Bank of England (quantitative easing)  and the British Army.

We also plan to delay the construction of the Garden Bridge, instead allocating those resources to building more social housing stock through our modular construction projects on TfL owned land.

We want to encourage the continued use of the river for leisure and commercial purposes as a most important artery to our city. At present we are investigating further polices to achieve this including reviving the falling eel population, supporting the Thames Bath project on the Victoria embankment and investigating the potential of new mooring opportunities.


Maintenance Drones

Ankit Love if elected will seek to deploy maintenance drones as soon as possible. Maintenance drones can offer a city “zero disruption from street works,” according to Prof. Phil Purnell of Leeds University school of Civil Engineering. The drones could also hold potential to tackle CAWMDs from the resuspension of PM10s. We will also investigate their application for maintaining tube and public transport infrastructure leading to less line closures from planned engineering works.