Kashmir Life. April 30, 2016. "All of a Sudden, Kashmir Has a King, Living in Exile!" by Saima Rashid.


Now, if you think that fleeing Maharaja Hari Singh was the last king of Jammu and Kashmir, then brace yourself for this: Kashmir still has a king! And this king is living in self exile in London. This “Emperor” is one of the twelve in race for the London Mayoral elections to be held on May 5.

Before one could simply dismiss the stunt, assuming—“So much for the poll campaign”—then, here is something one should know. The man is no commoner. He is the son of Prof Bhim Singh, the well known Supreme Court lawyer and patron of panther’s party.

These days as the race for mayor’s post is on in London, the “king” is trending around with his “peaceful message for his subjects”: Old times will be back in Kashmir not for oppression but to disseminate peace.