Hindustan Times. 27 April 2016. "A Kashmiri Dogra who wants to be mayor of London" by Prasun Sonwalkar.


'His main promise is on the issue of air pollution, which causes thousands of deaths every year. As mayor, he would ban all vehicles that run on fossil fuels and offer a structured plan for the benefit of Londoners.
'I come from a political family, I have experience of this. Even if I am unsuccessful, people will know me after the elections. We have plans to spread to other European countries and want Britain to stay in the EU,' he said.
For India, Love – a British citizen now – has plans for peace in Jammu and Kashmir and reunification of India and Pakistan.
Love arrived in Britain as a six-year-old in 1989 and studied art and music in Surrey and California. Other than his political ambitions, he has worked in films, music, theatre and magazines.
He regrets that the Narendra Modi government has removed the security cover for his father and evicted him from VP House in New Delhi."