Love Cap

Love Cap


By Ankit Love

1 of 1 Original.

As Seen on TV & News Worldwide.

The Love Cap has been Tweeted by Dr. Edward Anderson, (professor of international politics at Trinity College*, Cambridge University), who in an age of fake news and fake art, states that “the real story has to be Ankit Love,”

*Trinity College was founded by King Henry VIII in 1546, and it’s students have won 32 Nobel prizes and include six British prime ministers, Lord Byron, Sir Issac Newton, Niels Bohr, Prince Charles and Bertrand Russell.

Love Cap as published in Huffington Post:

Love Cap story tweeted by Indo-British historian Patrick French and retweeted by Omar Abdullah, the ex-prime minister of Jammu and Kashmir:

HH Ankit Love and the Love Cap on ITV UK News:

HH Ankit Love’s interview on fashion, religion & science:

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