Can India and Pakistan's poverty and their potentially nuclear war be blamed on Cambridge University?


If Dr. Manmohan Singh had ever seen the 1967 movie Graduate, his favourite song lyric may well have been, “and here's to you, Mrs. Robinson,” in 2005 he fondly stated that at ”university I first became conscious of the creative role of politics in shaping human affairs, and I owe that mostly to my teachers Joan Robinson and Nicholas Kaldor.” Dr. Singh after almost 5 decades at the helm of India’s failed economy left over 40% of it’s children in malnutrition, double that of sub-Saharan Africa, a fact Dr. Singh himself calls a “national shame.” Joan Robinson was a professor of economics at Cambridge University who in the 1960s hailed the North Korean dictator Kim Il-sung as "a messiah rather than a dictator” and applauded his dictatorial prowess for "the intense concentration of the [North] Koreans on national pride.”

Old habits & mental conditioning die hard as Dr. Singh will perhaps be remembered as the most responsible in shaping India’s dark ages of economic and social failure holding numerous top positions such as Chief Economic Advisor (1972–76), Reserve Bank governor (1982–85), Planning Commission head (1985–87), Minister of Finance (1991–96) and Prime Minister (2004–14), all this despite never winning an election. He was perhaps appointed to every post due to his Cambridge credentials to argue for India’s dictatorial Gandhi family who had been receiving billions of dollars in bribes in Swiss accounts from the Soviet Union since 1971 according to reports by the Russian government under President Yeltsin by Harvard professor Dr. Albats. In keeping with the Swiss connection, Dr. Singh during his hiatus from politics and policy in India was based in Geneva, Switzerland from 1987–91, when “Swiss Illustrie” magazine wrote an exposé revealing Gandhi’s secrect accounts worth $2.2 billion. Really never has a man who represented such high treason and failure been allowed to rise so highly in democracy. Of-course India is only a democracy on surface, an overnight forced merger of over 550 principalities, wrapped with a democratic banner to throw off it’s foreign counter parts. At it’s real core India is still based on family dynastic hegemonies and sectorial and tribal overlordships.

I suppose it only happens in India… and Pakistan. Both those nations apart from their name are actually the same. What’s Montague? It is nor hand, nor foot, nor arm, nor face, nor any other part belonging to a man. Indeed these are two houses both alike in indignity where civil blood makes civil hands unclean. And both these treasonous houses sold out. One to America and the other to the Soviets. By my account the war between these two nuclear armed factions cannot be not considered international at all, it is clearly a civil war. A war where each party formed only in 1947 had mass conditioned it’s populace by a manufactured brutalist nationalism through control of media and curriculum. What would Huxley say now?

This interpretation would perhaps also save the UN embarrassment and explain for it’s total incapacity for 67 years and counting to give a decision in favour of India or Pakistan over the trigger of war, the Sovereign state of Jammu & Kashmir. Jammu & Kashmir described by president Bill Clinton as the the “world’s most dangerous place,” is now the second longest ongoing armed conflict in history with only the Hundred Years War between France and England from the 14th century beating that record.

“She also sought to awaken the inner conscience of her students in a manner that very few others were able to achieve. She questioned me a great deal and made me think the unthinkable.” Dr. Singh continued remembering his favourite Cambridge professor Mrs. Robinson. Cue Simon & Garfunkel, Graduate soundtrack. Or perhaps just violins as this is a really sad story about the mismanagement of the coming of age of an entire nation leaving it crippled in poverty and war. But back in the mid 1950s, there was a great hope. It was an era of revolutions long before the internet when an impressionable Manmohan Singh, then just a wide-eyed graduate in his early 20s from Punjab landed in Cambridge, UK. That’s where he would form his economic and personal outlook under the tutelage of the dominating Mrs. Robinson, a daughter of Major-General Sir Fredrick. Interestingly her father, Sir Fredrick had himself served in India as a solider in the Indian Frontier war of 1897 in the present day state of Pakistan. His daughter needles to say made sure the imperialist connection would stay embedded in the state of India all the way into the 21st century when her ambitious pupil undemocratically weaselled his way to the top of this so called republic and stayed there till 2014.

“She propounded the left wing interpretation of Keynes, maintaining that the state has to play more of a role if you really want to combine development with social equity.” Dr. Singh had sweetly reminisced one year into the tenure as Prime Minister appointed by his Roman Catholic Empress Sonia Gandhi. And over the decades by obeying his pervious Empress Mrs. Indra Nehru-Gandhi had created one of the most ill-performing economies in history. At one point in 1991 he was forced by the IMF to make at least some kind of economic development or see his whole illformed creation go belly up.

In the 1960s Mrs. Robinson made a report on the North “Korean Miracle” erroneously forecasting that "[o]bviously, sooner or later the country must be reunited by absorbing the South into socialism.” Contrary to her predictions South Korea became one of the most economically successful and enterprising nations in Asia, while the North ruled by the grandson of Mrs. Robinson’s “messiah” not only is an absolute economic failure dependent on foreign aid but according to Amnesty International is “in a category of it’s own when it comes to human right violations,” as a “totalitarian state where tens of thousands of people are enslaved and tortured.” While it is Dr. Singh’s India that still tops the chart for the world’s most slaves according to the Global Slavery Index.

This however was just a continuance of her academic atrocities. In 1942 about a decade before the impressionable Manmohan had arrived to Cambridge she had published “An Essay on Marxian Economics” that helped to revive the dwindling Marxism in Europe by focusing on Marx as an economist. A young Pol Pot would then arrive in Paris to study in 1949 where he was radicalised. He returned back to Cambodia to lead one of the bloodiest Marxist revolutions in human history killing an estimated 3 million of Cambodia’s 8 million population.

Mrs. Robinson had also once apologetically defended China’s communist dictator Mao Zedong’s intentions as “moderate and humane” despite the fact his policies led to the killing of over 45 million people in the “Great Leap”.

Cambridge had also of-course educated India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who was cunningly and undemocratically appointed by Gandhi to the post of PM. In April 1946 Gandhi unethically asked Sardar Patel who had won an 80% majority in the nominations to step down as he personally favoured the marxist leaning Nehru. Continuing on an unethical spree Nehru a law graduate would also start the war in Jammu & Kashmir in 1948 based on a fraudulent document, the “Instrument of Accession.”

Instead of denouncing the atrocities committed under Dr. Singh who represented one of the most corrupt, war-mongering and undemocratic regimes in history that condemned the world’s most people into poverty and left Jammu & Kashmir in an ongoing conflict that can go nuclear and according to Nobel prize winning IPPNW “end human civilisation”, Cambridge celebrated him in 2008 by naming a PhD Scholarship in his honour, the Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship.
I’m sure he’s singing, “God bless you, please Mrs. Robinson. Heaven holds a place for those who pray, hey, hey, hey.”

While I imagine John Lennon would have disagreed with the entire affair.

Ankit LoveComment