Sugar kills more people than heroin. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Religions are responsible for more schizophrenia cases than drugs use. Why is there no prohibition of sugar or religions? Why is there no war on sugar or religions? The fossil fuel Air Pollution Pandemic kills more people than sugar, drugs, malaria, AIDS and terrorism combined and makes more people mentally ill than drugs and sugar. Why is there war for fossil fuel supply instead of against it?

Do you reading this add sugar to your daily intake for unnecessary pleasure? Do you reading this believe in religion to give you a false sense of security? If so why are you such a hypocrite and do evil and harm to your fellow citizens of the world? You must blame your media and parents for the lies they have taught you.

In these times of austerity we must seize to waste our scarce resources on this criminally insane war on drugs. If these resources are not allocated to fighting the Air Pollution Pandemic immediately that is making our children mentally retarded than our state has more than failed. What legal authority does the government now have left when it is in blatant violation of the landmark April 2015 Supreme Court judgement on the mass killer Air Pollution Pandemic that ruled "government, whatever its political complexion, should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action to address this issue.” This is now madness and madness cannot be democracy.

End The Evil War on Drugs Now, That Has Killed Millions of Innocents

Wars waged out of ignorance and prohibition are not effective and sustainable solutions based on the highest of the Great British-European values of deeper reasoning and analysis. Education, open dialogue, study and sensitive rehabilitation are the means we must deploy to truly rise above and beyond to heal and balance our society and set example for the world.

In Mexico alone between 2007-2014 the War on Drugs had accounted for by some estimates 55% of all 164,345 homicides recorded. While in comparison during the same period Afghanistan had a toll of 21,415 civilian casualties and Iraq had 81,636. In 2014 in the UK, 247 deaths were related to cocaine, 952 heroin/morphine and none from Cannabis. In 2013, homicides had accounted for 602 murders in the UK, while Air Pollution is now killing more than 50,000 people annually in the UK.

How can such discriminatory and criminally insane prohibition be allowed to continue, when 96,000 people died each year in Great Britain from legal cigarette smoking, and second-hand smoke is linked to around 165,000 new cases of disease among children in Britain each year. Further alcohol related deaths stood at 8,697 in 2014.

Sugar-sweetened beverages cause 1,316 deaths a year the UK, and kill 184,000 people world-wide each year. It is pure hypocrisy, madness and moral corruption to now keep legislation or condone one addictive substance over another, especially as the roots of prohibition are based on prejudice and decades long bent propaganda assault on the psychology of the majority rooted in racism and mass media manipulation by a few with vested interests or gravely ill judgment. This course is not in keeping with the most crucial of British values: reasoning. We must act now and end this failed and corrupt prohibition immediately.

This is an absolute must as it is not just to condemn tens of thousands to death around the world and destabilise developing countries with such relative figures, while allowing for other far more lethal, unnecessary and addictive pleasure giving substances such as sugar to remain legal. Indeed the question beckons under such circumstances why is there no war on sugar? How could those that support the war on drugs be weary of a war on sugar? Could it be that many of them are in fact sugar addicts and have got their children too addicted to that lethal substance? How long could those who promote the mad war on drugs go without adding refined sugar in their tea or coffee? After all sugar kills more people in Britain than heroin. Should we arrest these people for possession of sugar? Of-course the real remedy by British protocol must rest in education and awareness. Sensitive Treatment must be on offer to all addicts as those who cannot control their habits need balancing of their physiology and emotional states, not prohibition and certainly not punishment. 

Indeed we must now accept the greater and vile consequences of this failed, primitive and barbaric exercise of prohibition and bring it to an immediate surcease before countless more innocent lives are lost on our erroneous legislative account. This our moral duty, if truly claim to be British. We must lead and not mindlessly follow foreign propaganda and pr spin that has influenced the creation of such cursed legislation in our Parliament. Our Parliament is meant to be sovereign, how can we keep these laws then that were aggressively promoted by a foreign president. Than we are not a free nation, then we are fooling our selves by labelling our current political climate a democracy. As failure to filter information and it's source by the majority of our electorate turns our system into nothing more than a mass heap of mindlessocracy under the imperial media of foreigners. How is this British? We must end this gross failure and claim back what is ours, our reasoning and will.

The war on drugs is a brutal failure. This prohibition of of conciseness altering mediums is morally obscene and criminally unjust. It is based on lies and prejudice. All those that continue to support a failed regime of prohibition, in part fostered by racist and false propaganda of the 1930s US mass media, are morally culpable for the gross atrocities including the recruitment of child soldiers that continues world-wide as consequence. This ignorance of consequence is not compatible with a democracy in the 21st century. You must be aware of consequence or this is a primitive excuse for a democracy. 

The One Love Party will legalise, regulate, licence and control all conciseness altering mediums, thereby stopping criminal gangs profiting from their trade and thus reduce violent criminal activities both locally and globally. This will further reduce affiliated activities such as human trafficking and forced sex work. Further in the current climate ending the failed prohibition will cut revenue streams for extremist and fundamentalist militant organisations, keeping us safer here in the current climate. We will cut billions of pounds in government costs and allow for our scarce police resources to be better allocated in protecting our people. All the while we will generate billions in tax revenues for better public services and be able to provide better education and research to help addicts and limit use and achieve faster rehabilitation.

The criminal fallacy of the prohibition based on a veil of fabricated populist propaganda must be put to an end immediately. As the denial that there exists medicinal value from presently prohibited substances when clear scientific evidence exists to the contrary is pure madness now and most morally cruel behaviour in denying the ill remedy. This madness is based on a string false beliefs and holds no place nor value in a democracy and will be certainly seen as demonic in depriving millions upon millions treatment and relief from disease in the fast coming judgment by history.