Sunday ENTERTAINMENT Magazine. Rajasthan.

DNA newspaper, India.

"At first glance, it seems complicated. But a chat with London-based independent recording artist Ankit Love reveals the method in the madness of his musical and philosophical ideologies. And he must be doing something right, for his Beethoven Burst music video catapulted to the top of the MTV Hive Top 100 Chart for the most-watched music video of the week and also earned him a spot on VH1’s ‘Fresh New Music Playlist’ earlier this year. He put the track together, sung it and then self-directed it too…With tracks such as Milky Way and Lightning, Lady in this sci-fi-centric album, Ankit Love beautifully fuses spirituality with energy. His musical tour de force combines funk, soul, electronica and dance. His music is scientific and spiritual at the same time, with a huge dollop of eccentricity. And it works!"

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