In Development.

Starring, Written and Directed by Ankit Love.

A Motion Picture Spectacular to save millions of children & pets killed by Air Pollution Each Year.

Estimated Budget: €150 million

Ankit Love, embodies the Sun god Surya, and battles against the killer air pollution pandemic.

The most deadly yet ignored global genocide, that kills more than 7 million people around the world each year, according to the World Health Organization. The World Bank laments that the global economy makes a colossal loss of €4 trillion each year due it. Children are driven to mental illness by it. And nothing kills more of your cute pets!

Yet all governments and even have failed to stop it, because... its invisible and you, the overwhelmingly vast majority are responsible! Talk about that for a political and media conundrum!

Love embarks on a journey to produce a motion picture film spectacular that analyses the failures of the system. A system that continuously refuses to deal with the killer air pollution pandemic, which kills over 9 million people each year and costs trillions to the global economy. This project offers a plausible solution that, if undertaken, would save millions of lives and end energy dependence on the conflict causing oil and gas resources.

This documentary feature film picture, seeks to educate the world, with the aim of saving more lives than ever before in human history.

The Air Pollution Pandemic kills over 7 million people each year world-wide, yet it is completely ignored by both right and left wing political leaders.

It is more lethal than malaria, and HIV/AIDS combined, and kills and causes more cruelty to animals than the fur trade, yet even the most militant animal activists choose to ignore it.
Because of it, the global economy loses $5.1 trillion annually, no other single issue costs the world more.

This invisible Air Pollution Pandemic, is now far more severe than climate change, yet even environmental parties are not focused on it.

Ankit Love has the solution.

With the help of the world's top supermodels, he will explain, save and solve all.

The Idea

This documentary-style feature explores and provides unique insight in the democratic process. Real facts, figures, statistics and interviews with fascinating characters will form the vision and journey of the young Emperor of India, believed to be descended from the sun god Surya, and Milky Way star goddess Saraswati, who wants to singlehandedly change the killer oil-centric world we currently live into a clean energy paradise.

The Context

The sovereign state of Jammu and Kashmir has been torn apart by a 70 year-long ongoing armed conflict. It is the world's oldest war.

Ankit Love leads the resistance for peace as the head of his sun god religion and government in exile in the United Kingdom for liberal values against three occupying armies. Bill Clinton has described the sovereign State of Jammu and Kashmir “as the most dangerous place in the world,” while the Noble Peace Prize-winning International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and Physicians for Social Responsibility stated that this conflict could “end human civilisation” by killing 2 billion people from a potential nuclear war.

However, this young Emperor, musician and filmmaker discovers a cause even more shocking than his war and terror torn State: CAWMDs (Chemical Air Wastes of Mass Destruction). These are what make up the invisible Killer Air Pollution pandemic. Ankit Love, a former Formula 4 race car driver, is abruptly awaken into the discovery that air pollution will kill over 35 million people, and costs the global economy alone £20 trillion by 2021 according to the World Bank.

With his life long understandings of justice, groomed to be the head of the world's most turbulent State he instantly realizes that it is already illegal by all laws to slowly poison people to death from air pollution. This is negligent manslaughter at the least! Now he must enforce the law world wide to end all killer emissions as soon as possible. He decides to go on a mission to end this plague of the air from the invisible PM10s, PM2.5 and NO2.

Though in another twist, despite being a reigning Monarch, he is also a poor artist sleeping on the streets. In this seemingly surreal documentary musical spectacular, he must battle against all odds to communicate his solution for the air pollution pandemic which kills over40,000 people in the UK and costs the British economy £54 Billion. In order to raise awareness on his cause, he founds the 'One Love' Party. Through a combination of social, political and authoritarian means, he will battle against air pollution in the upcoming London Mayoral elections. London, where 9,500 people are dying each year from this invisible killer will be an exemplar starting point to provoke global change.

He comes to the realisation that the majority have fallen victim to the media, marketing and propaganda of fossil fuel vehicles for decades. That this is not just an environmental cause, but also a criminal justice crusade. When did the slow poisoning of living beings from toxic poisons become legal?

Recent studies by the University of Rochester have even suggested that children can even develop autism or schizophrenia as a consequence of CAWMDs.

The masterplan is to convert all fossil fuel cars, planes, trains, boats and power stations to solar, to hydrogen immediately. Thorough economic research has gone into proving how this is not a dream but a feasible solution. This radical plan of the Emperor of India, would also end dependence on oil and end all the wars in the Middle East, perhaps even in his own forgotten home state of Jammu and Kashmir.

This film also touches on the history and future of drugs legalisation, space defence against apocalyptic asteroids and readily available cost effective futuristic construction technologies to provide housing for all.

This is the Ankit Love Revolution to end the Air Pollution Genocide.