BBC investigates different future scenarios for my Kingdom

LOL different imaginary scenarios of the future of my Kingdom !! Hello, where is scenario 0, the ‪#‎Restoration‬ ? A United Kingdom, like where I am in exile here hahaha That is the one it MUST be !! If the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England can stay united and prosperous after so much bloodshed, so can my Sultanate of Kashmir and Kingdom of Jammu, it is the only secure way for us too. The Kingdom of Jammu-Kashmir is the only solution and China also has to get the hell out of my Lands not just India and Pakistan. And while I am at it China better also get out of ‪#‎Tibet‬. It is time to end the occupations. I am the Divine anointed Mahārāja and I do not negotiate. "We shall never surrender!" ‪#‎Churchill‬