Once Upon A Time The MAHARAJA was founding Editor-in-Chief of MistMag.

The Letter from the Editor from the first issue of Mist Mag from October 2014.

From the dark corridors into a golden glistening mist of chandelier light the debutante delectably appears. A fluttering of electric nerves, sweaty palms, the announcement, a view towards the eager bachelors and then those first proud steps into society.

The introduction is the most mysterious of all processes. How does something begin? When are you ready to reveal your sweet child, your creation to a harsh and critical world? The first issue of MIST, arrives with her focus on the debut and while I will not tangle you with the greasy details of creation, there is something quite divine about the process of preparation.

We are somehow attracted to this notion of effortlessly being able to produce greatness. Somehow this is cool. I wonder if this sensibility has a relation to time, or a lack of it for that matter. How often do you hear about a hit song and that the genius behind it manifested the whole act in just 15 minutes? In any case this behaviour has always amused me, especially when I adopt it myself. Often fibbing about the real effort put into creating. Maybe I did it to enhance my prowess to the women I desired or to discourage the competition.

Now I could tell you that MIST magazine was put together in a matter of moments, spawned from a one night conversation with MIST's Sheik Omar Mohammed Zaman at the Arts Club in Mayfair. Well, putting it that way would at least save me cartilage between my phalanges and pixels on your screen. But let us explore the real story of the debutant, Rocky style. Like a diamond pressured over the ages and then finely cut into a state of clear carbon perfection, she prepares for years for that moment to courtesy for the Monarch. She waits in anticipation for the Lord Chamberlain’s Royal summons of approval. And for years before that night, before she arrives as a lady of crystal character, she must have faced many a hurdle. She must have fallen, gotten up, polished and put herself together again.

The story of our lady MIST is similar. It has been a long journey of joy, success, tears, trust, deception, separation, struggle, commitment and love. Every parent wants their debutante to be well received. Not only for that 10PM ball at the Royal Court, but for the rest of her life. Despite the best intentions there’s always the underlying fear of acceptance, reaction and longevity. Especially if your child is unique like our MIST.

With all the energy and soul cemented into her creation, I hope you too will see her as I do: a refined beauty of mysterious potential. One that like Edward Scissorhands, can trim the unruly cloud of the world and the wide web into a potent well coiffured mist.

When Edward first stumbled from the stoney hilltop castle into that supposedly perfect pastel community below, initially he was accepted with curiosity and amusement. He was unique and not something the town folks were used to. Later, the curiosity turned to fear, jealousy, anger, resentment and then mindless aggression. Edward was not finished by his father and so was not ready. But had his father, Vincent Price still been alive to protect him, I don’t think that angry mob would have been so inclined to witch hunt.

In this instance, we are Vincent Price – creators, curators and doting parents of MIST, and we certainly are alive and stand by her. So I do hope that from her debut she will grow and be as special to you as she is to me. Ankit Love, Editor-in-Chief & Creative Director.