Tale of योजनBuddha and a monster lurking in the Wiki

Blessings of Love From our Star the Sun <3

It was a wild fight of mad passions but in the end no one got hurt, too badly. And everybody seems to have learnt something new, and so moved a bit further into the light. So even then perhaps a monster still lurks, but perhaps too it may have a bit more manners now, which is always a good thing. And even though it was breathing a stinky breath of fire at me I still just want to give it a big ol' hug and put it to bed with some camomile tea.


Even my parents and family history was deleted from my wikipedia, how strange is that. Well it all began though when...

I righteously ascended to the light of Buddhahood and my thrones and titles of my Spirytual-Kingdoms, well as soon as this broke on wikipedia (which my foundation funds, and will continue to do so), well then I was uncivilly suppressed and censored for no seemingly reasonable or just reason. I was like being crushed by a wall of ignorance that knew little of the history of my parts on this Earth. They had even claimed I was not notable with out even conducting any real research. Strangely enough the editor that initially nominated to delete my page was named Magog the Ogre and was from Pennsylvania of all places. Well then, it all just spiralled out of control and then turned so ugly and aggressive. I had many many sources, but beyond that I had revealed my historic nature. History is full of sources as it is, so why did they really try and censor me, especially when they did not have an understating of the histories themselves? That's a really good question!

It's all a bit like swiss-banking secrecy but for information instead, no one really knows who the depositor is.

In the end they even banned me without any justification, not knowing it was me editing my own page and throwing jargon in the judgement. "BLP issues" meaning Biographies of Living Persons. They claimed that I was tarnishing my own reputation! hahahha

Even though they started initially with the accusations that it was me doing self-editing. (which was indeed the case) But when they had no proof for that they switched to the polar opposite end, any which way to prove their flawed theory. The evidence did not really matter. It was more a case of just using any excuse to censor me. The real madness then ensued proper all based on a hideous and thorny bed of ignorance and suppression.

Yes it was quite the "edit-war" as they labeled it at the end. I had battled with a monster. Yas, that's the worrying thing really. There is a monster lurking deep under that neutral seeming Helvetica-neue surface, yes it's that familiar docile Swiss facade again. And it is a most hideous and primitive creature. And those who run the domain, well they take no responsibility to tame the monster, to create a safe place for the exchange of knowledge. All that power with no responsibility, how positively vile.

I was face to face with this subconscious monster, it's ugly, and it's breath stinks. Shakespeare well knew about it. Now I wonder if this very invisible beast might be the secret untouchable Emperor of our entire culture. Yoda where are you, when we need you, when we need the force?

Perhaps it was that "green-eyed monster" of Jealously that Shakespeare knew all to well, that had lead to the emotional crippling of that Great Moor and General, Othello. Or maybe it was some strange "teal-eyed cousin" it's hard to really tell. But it was a monster none the less.

7 days have past since my page was put up for deletion on wikipedia. Today is Judgement Day. My life and story was labelled too "fanatical" to be true. And so to be deleted. When in fact this has been my normal life from birth and before and beyond.

Thing is now I don't even care if they delete my page really I would be happy for them to do so. That way at least I can come first on google searches.

You see, I had also been breaking the rules, I edited my own page. But no one knew it was me. And what ensued was really madness and prejudice. Perhaps it's this very culture of secrecy surrounding Knowledge that's most concerning. And perhaps the same goes with banking, and even music promotions.

Really why should not the editors on Wikipedia be just themselves? Use their own names, that way we can be sure no one is abusing the system. Why do we have all this fear to hide what we do, perhaps these masks bring also bring out that primal animal behaviour on this shrine of knowledge. An unsettling thought indeed.

And really why are you not allowed to edit your own page, but are allowed to make a secret name and still do it. Better it be done in the open, or else the sneaky get more privilege, really why is society practically geared to put those that are sneaky and Machiavellian a foot ahead. I say then stop creating these conditions that encourage trickery and lies. This is not good at all.

The following is a letter I wrote to the Prince of Wikipedia himself, Jimmy Wales yesterday. I say Prince for he does not want the responsibility of a King. They don't really want to govern their domain. So when the Prince's men replied to me, the Prince was too busy of course to care for the safety of those involved, typical, a King would act differently, Prince John well knew that when the King returned that Robin Hood would no longer be troubled. Well, I ended up getting a copy paste reply from some middle man crony then. They told me it's not their problem as they don't govern it, it's up to the volunteers. Hahaha, classic blame the people excuse, it's a democary it's what the people want. Ofcourse Hitler was also democratically elected, has this style of "Peoples" governance practically lives off the blood of the minorities. In andy case this was really bearucrartic nonsense, telling me to email and complain to another department. Hahaha Really how well they fit the stereotypes, unbelievable. You know they should start behaving like men and take some responsibility. Really what kind of men are these? It's their responsibility to make wikipedia a safe, nobel, respectful place of discussion and knowledge. There should be some one to protect the vulnerable, otherwise we are left to hungry sharks hiding behind masks. Indeed it is the Wild Wild Wiki. And there is no Sherif in sight.

The following is a letter sent a day ago to Jimmy Wales. It is now an open letter for all to observe:

My Deer Prince Wales of Wikipeida and Activist of Free Speech.

I appeal to you.

A great deal of ugliness has been revealed recently. A culture of suppression, intimidation and discrimination that is rife on your domain.

Here is a 19 year-old observer’s take on the whole affair, who actually cared to do some research, Daina Renton of Scotland:

I am Buddha. Yojana-Budhha. I am Love of Himalayas.

And the volunteers that represent the domains you have founded, have been suppressive, very rude, aggressive and banned me from even editing. They are behaving like hungry cats and dogs. Mad ones too. They have unjustly, based on prejudice on your domain crushed the Buddha's freedom of speech.

Yas, I was Enlightened in the early hours of Friday the 13th of February 2015. GMT.

I am many things, you see. I am AFD (Article for Deletion) on your domain. All this would not even matter but, you see you come up top in google searches for my name. This is the first impression of Buddha. This is judgement in itself. That’s a great power you have made and with that great power there needs to be great responsibility.


On Friday 27th December 7 days will have passed and the decision for article for deletion will be made. But many judgements have been rushed before that already, no body is even waiting for the correct judgement date.

Who is responsible on wikipedia for what I have faced? It was just all so uncivil. Editors even intimidating me with criminal prosecution.

“I demand justice. You, Prince, are the man who can give me justice.” Lady Capulet

I want my article reverted to this version before it was destroyed and vandalised, and also I want it protected.
You can even put that yellow note it needs more citations and sources, if you feel, as many articles have, why was I the one being picked on in such an ugly way when there are far far worse articles poorly sourced on there still?


I am Ankit Love with my Foundation based in London, United Kingdom, http://www.ankitlove.org/who-we-fund/I also fund wikipeida monthly, and I will continue to do so even though I have been treated so poorly in judged so unjustly. Even if you cant give me the justice I demand. For I beleve you may improve. For in my beliefs Dharma and the forces of the Universe that will judge above all.

This is indeed an historic note, so l need to alert you to it’s significance, not are there already many observes on the issue, "here all eyes gaze on us" and already Dharmic consequences exist for all involved, including you, for the unruly behaviour I have been subject to that has transpired on wikipedia, pure madness, suppression and gang mentality which you do have the power to put an end to and improve the fairness and just treatment of individuals. To be more inclusive so it’s not such a labyrinth to edit and even more so to talk and discuss articles. So people are more polite and nobel on your domain. What right does your domain have to be at the top google results when such ugly behaviour, fear and prejudice drive it?

I dont warn you about the Dharma to scare you, but to protect you. Just as wikipedia has guidelines, we beleve the Universe has guidelines too. But perhaps it’s me who is the one in Dharmic debt, it’s really hard to know you see. For wikipedia has been a key to my Enlightenment, and for this I am forever grateful, and pray that you and your organisation will grow with the times and not sit on it’s laurels, that you will be more transparent. It needed to be easier to get involved in debate and jargon has to go. Wikipedia has become too big, too powerful, for their to be so many constraints on entry for the laymen user especially in the debates. Why is the visual editor even in beta to available for debates already? This should be really easy.

Really some one may come and make the whole process nicer and easier for the people. After all they could just copy all the content after all your content is free for all, and start something with just a better interface and usability and no politics. And as time progress people will demand that. Are you willing to give it to them?

I will now take of my cloak and reveal yes it was I, the Kings, that I was editing my own page. Before now no one else had any proof even though they could have easily googled my Avatar displayed in Sanskirt as योजनबुद्ध meaning Yojana-Buddha. But these so called guardians of knowledge are so ignorant they make all their claims on supposition.

I even posted your own quote: “there is zero gain to us from assuming this rather than assuming the opposite.”

The whole AFD affair started from this then speculation, the whole mess really. Calling me ‘Fantastical” as if that’s even an insult! Perhaps I was wrong to edit my own page but will the crimes of the others exposed by my act and disguise in the brave new world wide web, will they be left to pass unpunished.

How many unknown countless must have been abused and intimidated on wikipedia how many more will be hurt and suppressed? Perhaps I was just playing a part to reveal the ugly nature lurking below on your own domain. All the web’s a stage after all.

And after this is the behaviour the got the mad blood flowing and there was speculations accusations, vandalistic revisions, gang mentality. It was so ugly, and eventually I got blocked for no proven fault or reason. I don’t think there is any organised conspiracy. Worse it’s sub-concious. The “green-eyed monster” of jealously. Im sure you too face it, with all this success, and know how that unfair judgment feels. My life has been extraordinary before I was even born. Now I have got used to it and recognise it well.

But this sub-concious monster did suppress my freedom to speak on your creation was suppressed by these systems. Buddha was suppressed on wikipedia. Now who will slay the invisible Monster do you have the power?

You see if you read that deletion discussion above I had been the most civil person in the discussion every one can see that. I was the only one quoting guidelines and policy. And I got blocked. All I faced were unjust accusations and ugly language and jealousy. When the others were accusing me with ugly words, or even giving me threats of criminal prosecutions, I stayed civil. Then they banned me the animals. The gang of hounds.

You know your efforts are to share the Knowledge and protect it my duty is to share the Enlightenment. There is a connection there.

I am ever grateful to you for what wikipedia has done for me and I will accept you judgement, for it is your domain after all.

I pray now Prince that you know, that you will be able to make a good judgement for the sakes of all involved.

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Hamlet

What would Huxley do?

YB Ankit Love

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