What does the Universe want?

There is always a beginning. Or so it would seem. Do your ever wonder about the beginning of time, space existence etc.. ? Where all this that we see and observe originates from? I am used to making things, in the last year I have made two magazine, a fashion boutique, a video, a fashion label, a feature film script, and at the moment I am making an album. There is desire in creation I make because I want. I am rewarded by both the result of the creation and the pride and respect that come with it. So I wonder what made this existence in it self? Did it have a desire? Where did it even happen before space existed? What does it want? These very questions give birth to ANKIT LOVE, the artist, a house of creativity, a fashion label and me. Of course Ankit Love is not born over night it is my collective experiences over three decades living across three continents. ANKIT LOVE is the real exploration of reality the cause of nature's existence, the joy and at times the suffering that goes along with it. It is a look at the human condition and it's potential, the potential of possibility and beauty.

Do you ever ask yourself, what is that the universe really wants? I do. I think perhaps the answer is not so alien either. I think therefore I am. I am a part of the Universe. Therefore a part of the universe thinks. So as I want to figure it out and know, so does the Universe. That's for sure.