Emergency Action to End Air Pollution Genocide

Clean Air Immediate Emergency Action, to End Mass Killer Air Pollution Pandemic Genocide

We will achieve zero fossil fuels emissions in five years by converting the entire nations energy to clean and renewable power invoking the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 via Royal Prerogative.

NOTE: Do NOT confuse the Air Pollution Pandemic with Climate Change. The Air Pollution Pandemic is far more severe and stands as a completely independent issue. The Air Pollution Pandemic kills 5.5 million annually where as Climate Change kills 400,000. Climate Change will cost the global economy $1.9 trillion annually by 2100. Air Pollution Pandemic deaths already cost the world economy over $5 trillion annually. How has this gone so long ignored by all?

It is thus quintessential we break free from this pitiable state of absolute denial that stands so contrary to our Great British values of innovation and enquiry as championed by the likes of Sir Isaac Newton and Isambard Kingdom Brunel. For if we do not veer away from this monstrous course of denial we will be judged as barbaric and not British. For today there is no monument for the invisible millions made severely ill or murdered by the Air Pollution Pandemic, and so it is a test of our civilisation and it's highest calling to plan and organise the most civil course of action for the life and health of it's citizens. 

It was on April 28th, 2015 the our British Supreme Court judges unanimously ruled that "the new government, whatever its political complexion, should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action.”

The issue at hand is the Air Pollution Pandemic, and it is not just an environmental cause. It is now a clear criminal justice cause following such an authoritative Supreme Court judgement.  50,000 people in the UK die from the Air Pollution Pandemic each year, while children are developing mental illness from it. This is now negligent manslaughter and criminal health damage on a mass scale and tragically all our citizens are implicated. If health and life were not simply enough as progenitors for a call to action based on our British values of the individual right to life, the financial costs to our British economy estimated to be £54 billion annually according to the World Health Organisation surely must end all doubts of what is the most severe yet simultaneously most ignored issue in Britain today. How could this have gone so missed?

Why do we so choose to be so ignorant on this the most grave issue on a monumental economic, human right, health and judicial level?

This especially when our most crucial democratically made legislation has specific avenue for action is such an emergency. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004, clearly states that the meaning of an "emergency", in Section 1(a) "an event or situation which threatens serious damage to human welfare in a place in the United Kingdom," such as 2(a) "loss of human life" or 2(b) "human illness or injury" or 1(b)"an event or situation which threatens serious damage to the environment of a place in the United Kingdom," that involves 3(a) contamination of... air with biological, chemical matter," that immediate legislation must be made to end the emergency by the Minister of the Crown.

Why have we made such legislation and enshrined our Supreme Court to only but ignore them? If the government have run out of ideas, they must step aside on this the most grave issue in our nation and allow for those with more insight and understanding to save Britain now. Why do they impede the saving of our people? Are they fools? Who would vote for these fools?

Could it be as we are all implicated in the release of these killer emissions? Thus, we wish to remain in denial of our own collective and mass culpability. Whether it is driving a vehicle or the transport used to deliver the very food we eat, we are completely dependent on releasing these poisonous emissions for our way of life.

For it is easy to blame others when the criminals seem to be in the minority, however when the vast majority maybe involved in this crime of dependence on releasing deadly fossil fuel emissions how can we or our government or it's opposition for that matter bring justice?

The culpability is not exclusively limited to any one demographic such a large automobile users. Even those you use public transport exclusively are still involved as the demand they create for all products and services requires transportation that releases fossil fuel emissions. We are all poisoning our children and this must be put to a stop straight away.

In fact the 16 largest container ships in the world release the equivalent emissions of all 760 million cars in the world as they burn low grade bunker fuel. The emissions released from these ships are wrecking havoc on the lives and health of all those who live in port side towns.

We are all involved in this. Thus while the challenge may seem daunting and colossal to change to zero emission energy sources immediately, it is in fact plausible and possible. It is thus a must now. As we are all involved and implicated we can all work together through the very organ we have for these emergencies: the central state government.

We the One Love Party have formulated a monetary and energy policy that if applied through the central government and our central bank would smoothly end the Air Pollution Pandemic and even create energy security and economic growth as consequence.

We must not shy away from this challenge because it is hard. We must come together and solve it to save our people and children. So that we may all breath fresh air with out the fear of it killing us.

Together and united we can achieve this change in record time. All the tools and technology are waiting for our command, action and direction.

We the One Love Party can direct this change, and save Britain from the killer Air Pollution Pandemic that is now costing for more civilian lives than World War II. So we call on all people, political parties and activists who truly believe in Britain and it's values to stand united to save Britain now.

Lets Make Britain Great Again!

Let us beat this, let us save more lives than even in British history and lead the world.

Let us win, let us be energy free!

The Plan

Why is it when technology now exists to replace all fossil fuel emission power with clean-renewable alternatives we have not done so already? The answer is simple: market price point. However, the costs for clean renewable energy has been on the decline. The LCOE for polluting fossil fuels such as gas are from £55 per megawatt hour (MWh) while coal with CO2 capture is £100 per MWh. Tidal ranges from £155 - £390 MWh, Solar which in the 1970s was over £5000 MWh now starts at £125 MWh. Onshore wind farms are the cheapest form of new energy in the UK starting at £45 MWh however that does not account for cost of managing intermittent power to the national grid.
Hydrogen and electric cars are more expensive than their fossil fuel combustion counterparts with far less infrastructure to charge and fuel them. The 2015 Toyota Mirai’s zero emissions Hydrogen car costs £66,000 and while it gives 60 MPGe there are few hydrogen fuel stations in the country. It is estimated that the cost of converting the approx. 8,500 UK petrol stations to hydrogen would be around £6 billion and reduce the £54 billion lost from air pollution deaths in the UK

Thus the dire issue really is the failure of our market system to set price points appropriately now. As the cost of avoidable air pollution deaths and illnesses costs the UK £54 billion a year according to the World Health Organisation and also murders 50,000 people annually according to the latest MPs report. This eclipses the approximately 60,000 civilian casualties from World War II in the UK. Appreciating the severity of the matter our British Supreme Court last year gave the most crucial judgement in history that "government, whatever its political complexion, should be left in no doubt as to the need for immediate action to address this issue.”

Why is that no emergency action is taken then? Be under no false impression, no other political party but One Love has any strategy or understudying of the severity of this issue whatsoever. They all wish to use a failed and dated system of subsidies, tariffs and taxes to varying degrees. None of these address the core psychological issue of the failure to covert of clean energy. Our senses have not evolved to address post-industrial threats thus the issue does not make front page news though it should. This failure is evident in the 2008 low emission tariff introduced in London that failed in reducing air pollution. Despite this the new Mayor will attempt a similar ultra-low emission zone tariff. Quite simply companies just pass on the cost to consumers who do not change their habits as they are not educated to the cause of the actual price inflation. Our political leaders have no clue what to do. They have all proved not capable to deal with such an advanced issue, yet you continue to gamble your life and the health of your children by voting for their political oligopoly. Now you have an alternative and you must take it. Or else history will judge us all severely. We have worked hard to break this political cartel that is leading to invisible yet largest mass murder of British civilians in our history. You must now wake up and see this reality.

We are the only political party with the solution to this devastating issue and it is simple. We will address the clear, murderous and absolute failure of our economic system based on the failure of our present primitive collective psychologies that have not evolved to responsibly set price point for post-industrial threats and killers. We will achieve zero emissions by immediate emergency intervention to save millions of lives and create economic surplus by investing in all our energy, infrastructure and transportation companies from shipping, aviation, trains, power production and automobiles. We will provide them with bailout packages to covert to only clean power sources immediately. This investment will not only generate economic growth but save tax payers money, cutting the £54 billion in annual costs to our economy. By this measure we will also seize to import foreign oil and gas that has forced us to send troops and fight wars in the Middle East making questionable allies in the process that do not at all share our British values. Thus this measure will mean a cut in funding for extremist groups such as ISIS. This will mean UK energy independence and create UK jobs in the energy sector. Our lead on this issue will impact policy globally and save £1 trillion to Europe’s economy and the 600,000 people dying in Europe annually from the Air Pollution Pandemic. While globally our policy will help to save £4 trillion and the 5.5 million lives lost each year. Britain can lead a brave new world of clean air and energy saving more money, health and lives than ever before in human history. All you have to do is vote for us the One Love Party on December 1st to send a signal to the government that they cannot continue on with their murderous incompetence.

In respect of our Supreme Court we must now in fact be implemented by British law. The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 clearly states if our air is contaminated by chemicals leading to loss of life, emergency legislation must be made immediately. Why is this law being broken by our government and opposition leaders when our national security stands now compromised by this invisible pandemic as never imagined before?

To save more British lives and health that is being lost today on a greater scale than World War II, we must bring all fossil fuel emissions from both consumer and industrial actives to zero as soon as possible. 50,000 are murdered each year in Britain from this catastrophe. 5.5 million people are being killed annually by the Air Pollution Pandemic world-wide, a figure that now surpasses deaths from malaria, AIDS and terrorism combined. We must move all power, transportation and energy needs to clean energy immediately. This is the mission to save Britain now. This is the mission to save the World now.

Our solution is simple and will save the lives of over a million people that will be lost in Britain over the next two decades and the health of countless millions more. Our solution will make Great Britain energy sovereign. In the 21st century, it is energy independence that is is a nation's true measure of independence. Our lead on tacking this issue will set an example to the world and save the lives and health of tens of millions of people and animals across the globe. Let us act now, and end the Air Pollution Pandemic together and united! This scourge attacks and poisons us regardless of ethnicity, nationality of belief. This is our common number one enemy. Let us put aside our differences so we save all our children from this monstrous Air Pollution Pandemic.

This is our philosophical calling if we so choose to adhere to the highest of all Great British values: examination and reasoning as evolved by our great and celebrated minds, the likes of Francis Bacon, Ada Lovelace, Alexander Fleming, John Locke, Florence Nightingale and David Hume.

With affirmative action on this issue not only will we end the Air Pollution Pandemic but we too will end the need to import oil and gas from war-plagued regions where at times we have compromised our most enshrined British values to meet our energy needs and unjustly risked the lives of our brave and noble troops. By this clean energy revolution we will end the need for oil and gas imports and produce all our clean renewable energy within the bounds of our territory. In the great moral equation of justice, we will thus save the lives of our citizens to an extent as never witnessed before while simultaneously ending the demand and greed for this cursed oil that has destabilised the world and is poisoning our people simultaneously. United by ending the Air Pollution Pandemic we can end the source of funding for the very extremist militant groups that aim to threaten our values of liberity and enlightenment here in our homeland.

We must unite and do all that we can to covert all our energy production and transportation to clean power generation with zero emissions as soon as humanly possible. This is our Great British challenge and we must rise to it. We must focus on this emergency and prioritise before all else. All the necessary technology already exists to do so, so why do we choose to delay? Simply as the apparent bottom price point of killer fossil emissions power supply appears to be cheaper. Yet who can argue against that there must be no cost to human life and our children's health? Especially in such a mass scale where millions of our citizens being plagued by this killer Air Pollution Pandemic. Despite this being an invisible plague, we have not experienced such a loss of life since the times of Oliver Cromwell and the plague itself. Even in World War II, fewer British civilians had died than do now from the Air Pollution Pandemic.

We must act now and save Britain with all our might and heart. We must not be complacent in this vital hour of need. We must act with all the arsenal of advanced policy we have and can phantom further to innovate. Price should be no objective in this instance either, as the price points of fossil fuel are now without any doubt greatly skewed as they do not take in to account the $5 trillion in global costs from air pollution deaths. Money is in part what government regulations allow it to be. Thus the price of oil and gas is no longer just. But this is simply not a tax, tariffs and subsidy equation. This has been tired and is failing still to end this evil scourge. This is the post-industrial great emergency of the poisoning of the very air we and our children had breathed in without fear since the dawn of mankind. Our first and foremost fundamental human right is to breathe clean air, for no life starts without this. Thus our energy companies have now grossly failed. For the most part unwittingly as the data and judicial calling were not clear till now. As we once bailed out our banks for what was far less a life and death situation we too must bail out our energy and transportation companies now. With monetary policy tools such as quantitative easing we will save our energy companies and give them the first global opportunity to covert and supply only clean energy. This will give our British business a head start to break away from volatile and depleting oil and gas resources while rescuing our people from this killer emergency of mass proportions. We will lead the world in a new clean energy revolution. All will follow our policy and lead. Thus the lives of over 5 million that are lost each year will be saved, and the millions of children who will otherwise be condemned to mental illness and respiratory diseases will be saved. This is the British way, any delay on ending the Air Pollution Pandemic is now foreign and alien by our values. We will lead the world in this clean power revolution and together by doing so we will make Britain great again! For it may not be easy this course of immediate action as never witnessed before in history, but seldom is anything great every easy. We must do this as it is just, we must do this as it is hard, we must do this as we are Great Britain.