Ankit Love in London. Photograph by Theo McInnes for  Huck Magazine  editorial.

Ankit Love in London. Photograph by Theo McInnes for Huck Magazine editorial.

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Ankit Love, was born in New Delhi, India under armed guard.

He is an international music recording artist, a No.1 hit US "MTV sensation," who's vivd imagination, and unique baroque-cutting edge, action packed style are truly out of this world.

He was educated at America's No.1 ranked art school, the California Institute of the Arts. While still training as an artist in Los Angeles, Love survived a car crash driving over 160 mph (258 kph), totaling his red convertible Dodge Viper on the 405, by the San Franando Valley cemetery.

Doctors believed all, should have died in such a fatal accident. However, Love survived and stepped out of the demolished car, after having passed out, smashing the entire dirver's side window with his face.

He awoke to only a few bloody stitches and scars, and rose to become, the world's leading conceptual fine artist, spearheading the current metamodern movement of deep, soulful and dynamic religious art.

Love a wartime royal heir to the most secular and liberal faction in all Asia, was moved to the United Kingdom, as a six year old child, from Bishop Cotton School in Shimla, India, the oldest boarding school in Asia designed to train generals and intelligence chiefs. 

Love was transported to the UK, due to the unprecedented ultra threat posed to his life, from the ongoing terrorist insurgency in the world's oldest and most militarized war zone, his home state of Jammu and Kashmir. Once referred to by the President of the United States as, "the most dangerous place in the world."

Love who needs bullet proof cars and a platoon of 22 AK-47 armed guard convoy to protect him in Jammu and Kashmir, was able to grow up a more normal life then, in the leafy green pastures of Cobham, Surrey at the world's most expensive oil and gas school, the American Community International School.

While in the UK, Love was guarded by a British ex-KLF leader, who had been held captive at one of the world's most notorious and torturous prisons in the mountains of Jammu and Kashmir, whom Love's mother had just freed from death row.

At the American oil high school in London, Ankit Love was elected as the President, the Prom King, he was soccer team captain, he won the gold medal at the International School Sports Tournament in Paris, France, he won an international peace prize, Britain's national Princess of Wales Diana Memorial Award. In high school, HH Ankit Love was president of Namibia Charity Group, and built schools in the rural backwaters of Africa.

HH Ankit Love dancing and building schools in Africa, as President of Namibia Charity Group.

HH Ankit Love dancing and building schools in Africa, as President of Namibia Charity Group.

According to Indian mythology, Ankit Love is descended from the sun god Surya and the star goddess of music Saraswati.

He is heir to the mythical royal Suryavamsa dynasty of demigods and avatars, who historians record as defeating Alexander the Great, on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river, in modern day Jammu and Kashmir. While his great-great grandfather prime minister General Zorawar is known as the "Napoleon of India" for his 19th Century conquest of Tibet.

Love uniquely, in combination, is also heir to the highest of all hereditary priesthoods. The high priesthood of the Goud Saraswat Brahmins. A line of prophets, poets, sages, and priests from Arkaim, Russia, who ruled as Kings of Afghanistan till about the 11th century, and are believed to be authors of the world's oldest known religious scriptures: the Rig Vedas. Some scholars date these texts as far back as 12,000 BCE. Nearly 10,000 years before, the early beginnings of Ancient Egypt.

Music critics say, "he is a highly unique individual with a unique take on music and the world. With track titles such as ‘Spill The Milky Way’, ‘Lightning Lady’, ‘Mental Revolution’ and ‘Unite+Funk’, you realise that this is a special guy making special music."

Nick Cannon, Chairman of TeenNick TV and presenter of America's Got Talent states, "extraordinary artist Ankit Love, is poised to take over the world, with his cosmic message of Universal Love."

Previously based in Hollywood, Ankit Love has been the acting and text coach to numerous international beauty queens, sports stars and models, on prime time TV and feature films, with all star Academy Awarding winning casts. Including Miss Germany, Miss Poland UK, Miss Switzerland, Ukrainian top model Anna Duritskaya, Kazakstan tennis pro Akbota Tetisheva, and Latvian movie star Rain Elwood.

Love, trained as an actor at Lee Strasberg Los Angeles and Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. During a brief hiatus from art, Ankit Love, turned professional race-car driver. HH Love was selected by Silverstone principal Mark Armstrong Motorsport team, and raced in the British Formula 4 championships.

Ankit Love, has trained extensively as a dancer, in both ballet and street style at Pineapple dance studios at Covent Garden. His self directed sci-fi music video "Beethoven Burst," was a No.1 hit on MTV USA, and play-listed on MTV Israel.

His debut album titled "Forever" was played on over 200 college radio stations across the UK and USA, and produced two top 100 radio chart hits in America. Love's music video "Spill the Milky Way," was a top 20 hit on Pulse TV Las Vegas, and play-listed on Orange TV VOD France.

Ankit Love's very first music video "People Are My Favorite Thing," shot in London, UK with zero budget, was an international hit sensation. It played on television across America, and gained popular acclaim in Argentina and Brazil. It was broadcast into China, by US federal government funded TV channel, Voice of America.

After training in 16mm black and white filmmaking, at the New York Film Academy, Love directed and starred in the period short film "Whale!," which received a standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival, and over one million views on YouTube. Love's first feature documentary film "Runners," too premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, to a capacity crowd at the Palais des Festivals cinema halls.

Love has been nominated for multiple music awards in the best artist category. He won a bronze palm at the Mexico International Film Festival, and Silver Lei at the Honolulu Film Awards, and been part of the Official Selections at numerous film festivals from Puerto Rico to California.

Love was both the founding creative director and editor-in-chief of the groundbreaking digital science and fashion publication, MIST magazine based in London, New York and Dubai.

He directed, produced and musically scored the hit commercial for Mist magazine, starring Polish top swimsuit model Katja Zawara, which gained over 5 million views on YouTube, after trending in Saudi Arabia.

Love has co-founded numerous brands and apps, including fine jewellery brand by South African and Venetian artist Ambra Gambale, a luxury women's wear brand by French and Cogonese designer Nicole Coste, BRIC magazine by Australian and Russian socialite Lydia Vladimirskya, and the Nightset app by Forbes ranked Polish entrepreneur Anna Frankowska.

In 2016, Ankit Love, as the world's leading environmental activist for clean air, became the youngest man in British history to be nominated as Mayor of London candidate. He received over 33,000 votes, near single handily, in the name of One Love, with vision to unite the entire world, and end all armed conflict internationally. This was his vision for world peace.

In unprecedented fashion, Ankit Love's total vote tally exceeded the Leader of the Opposition, and was greater than the entire adult populations of the European sovereign principalities of Monaco, and Liechtenstein.

Once neighbors with fashion designer Alexander McQueen, Love, who lived in a Mayfair mansion, lost all his wealth trying to save the planet against the Air Pollution Pandemic and campaigning to fight the violent and immoral Brexit referendum, to keep the United Kingdom in the European Union in memory of assassinated MP Jo Cox. During the monumental ordeal, which at the lowest saw Love reduced to a beggar on the London streets, Love never sold out his liberal creative values, and maintained artistic integrity by peaceful means.

Love battled homelessness and hunger as an artist, eventually rising from the streets, false imprisonment, death threats, unlawful psychiatric detention, victim of violent hate crime, discrimination, nursing a recovering heroin addict and the burden of his war and terror torn Himalayan home state of Jammu and Kashmir, to win a full scholarship to Central Saint Martins, the world's No.1 ranked fashion design institution.

Prior to which Ankit Love, had worked for Azerbaijani couture designer, Gyunel in Knightsbridge.   

Love, is a voice of authority and experience. His image, views and comments are much sought after worldwide by NASA, MIT, DAZED, DNA, Vice, London Live, Harvard, 5 Dariya, Huck, Gulf News, Newsweek Europe, Guardian, Sun, Mirror, ITV, BBC, Cambridge University, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, Danik Jagran, Evening Standard, Lonondist, Time Out, NDTV, Rajasthan Patrika, City A.M., Outlook Magazine, Kashmir Life, Greater Jammu, CNN, Hackney Citizen, and many more others.

Ankit Love campaigns tirelessly to aid the over 200,000 war orphans, that according to Save the Children UK, reside in his conflict ridden home state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Celebrated United Kingdom author Salman Rushdie calls this, "the conflict the world has chosen to ignore."

The ignored and unending war for Jammu and Kashmir, according to Nobel peace prize-winning scientists, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, could "end human civilization." By radioactive contamination of the world's entire food supplies, and destruction of the Earth's ozone layer.

Love through his art campaigns to save the world, raise awareness, spread liberty and bring peace, so that such an eventuality, may never ever occur.

Ankit Love is an artist for the truth, on mission of peace to save the planet and your soul, like no other.

"Ankit Love - Sent From Above"

Female First UK

"Prince of Peace... to fashion Icon"

Ishfaq Ul Hassan, Daily News & Analysis India

"He will put the first woman on Mars"

Nasser Ganai, Outlook Magazine

"The real story has to be Ankit Love"

Prof. Edward Anderson, Trinity College Univirsiety of Cambridge

"His Highness has been out on the streets"

Rags Martel, ITV News

"Revolutionary royal"

Thomas Andrei, Huck Magazine

"Musician and film producer Love’s ‘techno-progressive’ agenda is positively utopian"

Time Out

"Extraordinary artist Ankit Love is poised to take over the world with his cosmic message of Universal Love"

Nick Cannon, Chairman of TeenNick TV, presenter of America's Got Talent and husband of Mariah Carey

"We are certain that Love could be our generation's Ziggy Stardust"

Andy Geshner, President of Hip Video USA

"He's from the Udhampur royal family"

Rajasthan Patrika TV

"He has plans for peace in Jammu and Kashmir and the reunification of India and Pakistan"

Prasun Sonwalkar, Hindustan Times

"All of sudden Kashmir has a King, living In Exile"

Saima Rashid, Kashmir Life

"The Exiled Emperor of Kashmir"

Catch News India

"Exiled emperor Ankit Love wants to ban cars from the capital"

Edith Hancock, City A.M.

"The Maharaja of Kashmir"

Jack Peat, The London Economic

"A sun god"

Stuart Heritage, Guardian and Vanity Fair

"A proponent of World Peace"

Manas Sen Gupta, Top Yaps

"The Millennial Hippie 2.0"

Tim Nobel, VICE News USA

"He's an artist"

Andreas Kirkinis, DAZED & Confused

Despite London Live TV in this news report stating that HH Ankit Love "secured less than 5,000 votes" in the London elections, HH Love in fact secured a total of 33,861 votes, as the combined tally of 1st and 2nd preference votes. All votes count.